15 More Facts About Hemp You Should Know in 2022

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Hemp is a plant with a rich history, a very interesting present and an exciting future. In our article on 5 surprising facts about the plant, we’ve already told you about some of its interesting details. But today, we have a big surprise for you as we’ve compiled a list of 15 more fascinating and sometimes fun facts about hemp that you probably didn’t realise. So, get ready, fasten your seatbelts, because we are kicking things off right now!

Fact #1. Hemp is not equivalent to the term “marijuana”

Let’s start with some basic information that many people may have been confused about before. Hemp and so-called “marijuana” both refer to the same species but are substantial variations of it. They have different characteristics, the main one being their CBD and THC content. Hemp is a name for the cannabis plant with a THC level below the legal limit, while the term “marijuana” designates the plants with a THC level above it. Also, hemp will not get you high.

Fact #2. Hemp can be an alternative to lithium-ion batteries

We all use batteries, and most modern ones are made of lithium-ion. However, research has shown that hemp batteries perform better than lithium-ion ones, demonstrating the potential for hemp to be used in this way.

Fact #3. Hemp fabric is a material with a long history and can have a variety of applications

Fabric is another material that can be made from hemp. The first archaeological findings date back to around 10,000 years ago in ancient China, making it one of the world’s oldest cultivated crops. Hemp fabric is a lightweight material that can be used to make more breathable clothes. Some manufacturers have already reverted to using this material because of its strength. For example, Levi uses hemp fibre for its jeans.

Fact #4. Hemp paper was invented before wood pulp paper

Do you take notes on paper every day? We suppose so. Well, we are indebted to ancient China for the invention of paper, but the country is the motherland of not only wood pulp paper that was invented around 2,000 years ago. Looking back in history, some researchers have found that hemp paper was invented around 2800 BC as one of the first applications of the plant (hemp was used as paper instead of papyrus). This means that hemp paper was invented earlier than its wood pulp paper analogue.

Fact #5. Hemp oil is not the same as CBD oil

Some people may think that “CBD oil” and “hemp oil” are identical, but that’s actually not an accurate statement. The main difference between them is the part of the plant where the oil is extracted from. CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant itself, whereas hemp oil is obtained from hemp seeds. The latter is also called “hemp seed oil” and contains minimal CBD content (little to zero).

Fact #6. Hemp can be used as an alternative to tobacco

Tobacco also has a rich history. At different times, people have used it for a variety of purposes. However, this plant has been the cause of many diseases and even deaths. Hemp can be an alternative to tobacco and is potentially more environmentally friendly. In addition, hemp doesn’t contain nicotine.

Fact #7. Hemp is a biofuel that can replace petroleum and diesel

Energy is one of the most pressing global issues nowadays. And people are trying to find the best alternatives to this resource. We have already talked about hemp and energy, and this fact is about fuels that can be replaced by hemp. In 1941, the first car made of hemp was presented by Henry Ford. Moreover, this car could run on hemp or vegetable oil. Hemp can also be used to make biodiesel. As the study shows, the conversion rate of hemp oil into biodiesel can be as high as 97%, which makes it an excellent alternative to petroleum and diesel.

Fact #8. Planes can be made out of hemp

Hemp can be the base material not only for cars but, surprisingly, also for planes. In 2020, it was announced that the very first aircraft made almost entirely of hemp will be built and run on biodiesel derived from hemp. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Fact #9. Hemp can help reduce deforestation

When it comes to the environmental features of hemp, it is worth mentioning that the plant can help with the problem of deforestation. As shown in fact #4, hemp fibre can be used to produce paper. According to various sources, 14% of deforestation occurs to satisfy the need for paper (4.1 million hectares of forest per year – the size of the Netherlands). Alternatives such as hemp can save trees and are more abundant (1 acre of hemp can produce as much paper as 4-10 acres of trees over a 20-year cycle).

Fact #10. Hemp can replace plastics and major companies are ready for that

Another global problem facing our planet today is the overuse of plastic. Hemp plastic consists of 30% hemp and 70% cellulose, so it may provide a solution, but it still has some obstacles and limitations (lots of water is needed to produce hemp and the impossibility of completely solving the pollution problem). So yes, it is not a panacea for solving this problem, but it can be a step towards more environmentally friendly development. Even major companies are switching to plant-based plastics in their production. For example, Lego plans to use hemp plastic to make its branded toy bricks by 2030.

Fact #11. Hemp seeds can fight world hunger

According to various studies, hemp seeds are potentially rich in various nutrients and vitamins, so they can tackle protein-energy malnutrition, meaning the lack of protein and calories in general, which is considered the most deadly form of hunger.

Fact #12. Hemp protein differs from whey protein and may have a number of applications

According to some studies, the market for plant-based proteins is growing. Like whey protein, hemp contains nine essential amino acids. Also, hemp protein could exhibit a high digestibility percentage. Additionally, a slightly nutty flavour and a vegan composition are distinctive features of hemp protein compared to whey protein.

Fact #13. Hemp can save the bees

Hemp is considered an environmentally friendly plant, and it can affect not only the earth’s flora but also its fauna. In this case, it is about bees, the pollinators of ecosystems. According to research of the scientists from the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, Poland, hemp extract can extend the life of bees affected by pesticides.

Fact #14. Hemp soap is not a fantasy

Did you think that soap made from hemp is something impossible? No, it’s reality, and you can make hemp soap yourself. All you need are soap moulds, melt-and-pour soap, hemp seed oil and other additives (about a third of the entire contents). And a few steps later, voila! You’ve got handmade hemp soap.

Fact #15. Hemp can reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change

And last, but surely not least, let’s not forget that deforestation has an impact on climate change on Earth. According to the experts, every ton of hemp produced can remove 1.63 tons of carbon from the air, which can also help deal with climate change.

Final thoughts

These were 15 more fascinating facts about hemp that we found for you. We won’t tell you that hemp is an underrated plant, but you can see that the range of applications it can be used for is vast and not limited to only CBD products. If you have any questions for our team of professionals or would like to provide us with a topic you would like to read about, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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