5 Reasons to use CBD for Winter Wellness

  • 1. CBD in winter

Winter season can be one of the most magical, adventurous and memorable times of the year, however, for many it may become one of the most challenging seasons due to climate change and solar hours. With exciting winter sports fun, it may be also affected by flu, depression and anxiety. Let’s learn how you can earn maximum benefits this winter by using CBD for your mood and health. 

CBD’s broad spectrum will become a great help to help you get through all the negative sides of the winter season, leading to only positive emotions to enjoy. Learn how to use CBD this winter to help you get the very best out of your leisure time with friends, or help you get through the stressful periods at work, due to the results of the year and annual reports to your boss. 

  • 2. CBD for winter sports

This is no secret that winter time can trigger arthritis and joint pain, especially if you are keen on winter sports. CBD may become a powerful solution to your favourite time spent with your mates, if you feel like you need some extra support after the holidays. 

Joint inflammation can be easily removed by cooling and warming gels. Whether your muscles are sore or inflamed, using one or both gels is an easy solution to repeating sore patterns to stop them from happening. Gels will take the pain away by gently letting the CBD to reach the source, and carefully reducing inflammation to the lowest. 

What if you’re about to go skiing, ice skating or even taking a long romantic walk in the forest, your muscles may become needy and ask for extra care, especially your knees and elbows, that are easier to damage than anything else. Try using the warming and cooling gels after a long day of sport winter activities, or use them on areas that surely become sore after some time of being active. Which one will become your favourite? Try both and let us know! 

CBD is a natural cannabinoid that can help find the balance between active sport regime and regular relaxation. Warming and cooling gels are great at reducing joint swelling in no time, helping you to enjoy winter activities with no strings attached. 

Marry Jane cares for you and your overall feeling on a daily basis, therefore selecting the best terpenes for you to enjoy powerful pain relief whether you’re having chronic injuries, soreness or seasonal discomfort. Do not let stiffness, soreness or even arthritis get in the way of you enjoying your holidays and time spent with your loved ones to the fullest. 

Reduce muscle pain by soothing your legs, arms, elbows, neck and chest with powerful and natural CBD products. Whether you’re a sport enthusiast or just enjoy winter sport routine, CBD gels and terpenes are ought to become your favourite salvation. 

  • 3. CBD for skin 

The skin is one of the most vulnerable parts of our bodies in the winter season, especially your face and hands, since it most often isn’t covered by anything, therefore is obstructed by cold winds and humidity, depending on your location. 

Whether you’re facing a rainy or snowy winter, CBD is a must have for your skin protection. To avoid dryness of your skin, chapping and windburning, it is recommended taking CBD oil baths, adding CBD oil to your lotions and morning/evening skincare routine, using just a few drops is going to save your skin that is definitely tired of being dry all the time because of the cold winter winds. 

To heal chapped and dry skin may become a headache for anyone, therefore you must think carefully about adding topical products based on CBD to your skin care routine to avoid negative consequences after the frostbiting winter air. 

Begin your self care with CBD creams and lotions, gently taking care after your biggest organ – skin, and your body will say thank you. 

  • Use a 30% CBD oil as a daily addition to your activities, or a gentle skin care. If you are brand new to the CBD use, it is recommended to start with water soluble options or lower concentrations. 
  • MJ offers a lot of different variations of CBD products, so you can really find the one that will make you feel your best this winter time. 

Use in addition a few drops on the inside, for instance in your morning glass of water or afternoon tea, to help your skin get more immune to the colds, as a some sort of prophylactic to avoid getting flu. 

  • 4. CBD for immune boost 

CBD is also well-known for its antibacterial and immune modulating properties, leading its daily usage to a preventable prophylactic of flu and colds. Its ability to positively boost your immune response to winter time viruses is impressive, what a beautiful opportunity to have yourself a little winter, flu free this time. 

Use CBD oil or vaping to help your body handle viruses better, by fighting off bacteria in a very pleasant and unnoticeable way. Marry Jane offers wide options for different terpenes, water soluble THC free options, and of course, many exotic and well-known flavours. 

  • Vape the bacteria away while enjoying the CBD benefits and nice selected flavours. 
  • Nothing will relax you better than a few puffs of a nice rich in flavour joint, carefully pre-rolled for you in an individual packing. 

  • 5. CBD for mood 

Now that the light days are shorter and nights are longer, whether you get to see beautiful auroras and read sad prose near the fireplace or not, boosting mood for a little serotonin won’t be much of a problem with CBD products. 

Since the sun sets earlier, that much needed Vitamin D is essential, therefore, try using CBD to boost important immune responses inside your body to help you get through these challenging times with much pleasure. 

Most of us get miserable in winter time, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. In order to avoid chances of getting depressed, try using CBD products right now. 

Oil drops or CBD flowers are going to become your favourite addition when you need that serotonin boost to help get your mood on the right track. Add CBD to your bath, aroma lamps or even apply behind your ears and temple area, you’re promised to feel better right away. 


Think about getting CBD as a gift for your friends and family, as they will surely enjoy having to spend their most fun time with you this season! CBD has all the properties to help you get through winter in your best spirit, and physical form. With Marry Jane, as a reliable producer of the highest quality indoor grown CBD, getting through the winter time may become easy, enjoyable and unforgettable experience. 

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