8 Best Movies About Cannabis Culture and CBD to Watch

Grass is Greener (2019)

A new year always marks a fresh start. It also presents an opportunity to do something new. For example, watching movies about CBD. Have you ever checked out any of them? This is an industry that is growing every year, so it is one of the hottest topics these days. And it is no surprise that one of the most popular arts, cinema, is touching on it in its productions. Indeed, more and more movies are being made about CBD nowadays. If you are a CBD consumer or just interested in this topic, our list of eight movies about cannabis culture and CBD will hopefully prove exciting to you as well as help you pick out a couple to watch at home with your friends or family. Whether you’ve heard of these films or not, you may still find this list interesting, and perhaps you’ll end up adding a few of them to your library of films to watch. Here we go!

Movie #1 – Kings of Kush (2021)

Kings of Kush (2021)

We start with a TV series that is the newest of all the productions featured in our list. Its host, Anthony Sullivan, producer and pitchman and also known for a household cleaner ad, left a 30-year TV career when his daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder. In search of a solution and treatment, Anthony turned to CBD and started his own hemp farm. In each episode of the series, Sullivan tells his viewers about CBD and how it’s going on his farm.

A curious Sullivan attempts to learn as much as he can about CBD and teaches his audience about its potential benefits and features. Want to watch the story of a well-known American producer and pitchman and learn more about CBD? Then this series is a must-watch for you! The first season is in full swing, so it is time to join if you haven’t already!

Movie #2 – CBD Nation (2020)

CBD Nation (2020)

Would you like to hear more true stories about CBD? Well, here you have it. Last year, David Jakubovic, director and producer, made a film examining the research and evidence behind CBD. Different opinions from various leading experts in CBD scientific research alongside emotional stories from patients whose lives have been changed by CBD create a complete picture of what CBD is for the audience. In addition, several doctors and scientists interviewed in the film talk about the potential therapeutic properties of CBD.

If you think this film is only about CBD, the producers claim that’s not entirely true. “This film is not about weed. It’s a movie about science,” says the movie’s management team. Also, this film shows real cases of different people taking CBD and then sharing their experiences afterwards, so the film presents views on the subject from different sides.

Movie #3 – American Hemp (2019)

American Hemp (2019)

In our blog, we tell you about different aspects of a European manufacturer’s team, their lives and day-to-day business. But would you like to know how a typical American CBD manufacturer lives and operates? This series deals with exactly that! It is another documentary film about hemp showing a general story of how it became a burgeoning industry in America. The movie depicts the everyday work of a CBD company that performs a full spectrum of activities, from harvesting to selling the products on store shelves. The film presents the inner workings of the company and even Alex White Plume, a member of the Oglala Lakota Nation, a Native American tribe living in Dakota.

This movie is an excellent introduction to CBD for those who are unfamiliar with the industry and want to learn more about it and CBD in particular. Even those who have already heard about CBD may find something of interest in it.

Movie #4 – American Hemp: The Evolution Continues (2020)

American Hemp

Are you excited about the previous film? It’s most likely then that this film will be even more interesting for you, as it is the spin-off of the successful documentary from the year before. The series continues telling the story of an American CBD company’s life in several episodes. In the first, we meet another CBD start-up founder, and then we hear more about Alex White Plume, whom we met in the 2019 film. Both are developing their CBD products, so in this movie, you can see two stories of how American CBD businesses are trying to make a living in this growing industry.

The movie is closely related to American Hemp, so it is better to stick to the sequence if you are planning to watch them. This is a great chance to compare the differences between American and European CBD companies and dive into the life of a typical American producer.

Movie #5 – Grass is Greener (2019)

Grass is Greener (2019) 2

Can you recall some famous musicians associated with CBD? Surely, the first person we should mention is Bob Marley. And what about the others? Some people might also say Snoop Dog and Miles Davis. This 2019 documentary movie is about the history of hemp and its socio-political aspects from the 1930s to our day. The names mentioned above are also the main characters in the film. In addition, some historical facts about hemp and interviews with world-famous musicians and their relatives are also included. Snoop Dog, B-Real and Damian Marley, the youngest son of Bob Marley, are all featured in the movie.

So, this movie is not only about CBD; it’s broader. The film showcases well-known musicians’ personal stories about CBD as well as their musical careers, so this one can be a perfect complement to your evening if you love their music or if you just want to learn more about their musical and personal paths.

Movie #6 – Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis (2017)

Clearing the Smoke

This film is another documentary and deals with the scientific aspects of hemp. Producers of the film, an American broadcaster, present the role of hemp in modern medicine through science and the opinions of patients, physicians and sceptics. The movie provides an in-depth analysis of the plant from different points of view and may be of interest to those who are familiar with CBD as well as those who are new to the subject.

The film’s writers present viewers with the basics about hemp and CBD in an informative way. More specifically, they show how CBD can interact with the brain and what the compound’s potential benefits are.

Movie #7 – Weed (2014)

Weed (2014)

This one is a four-part documentary by Dr. Sanja Gupta. The writer explores CBD from different angles and asks people who are knowledgeable about it for their opinion. In the first part of the movie, he presents some basic information about CBD. In the second part, Dr. Gupta talks to Charlotte Figi, a girl who had Dravet syndrome and suffered from a rare form of epilepsy. Charlotte’s parents gave her CBD oil and told Dr. Gupta how it helped their child to feel better. This prompted several other families across the US to try CBD and ask their local authorities to reconsider its status. Dr. Gupta then met with Stanley Brothers, the people who made CBD oil for Charlotte.

Sadly, Charlotte Figi passed away in 2020, and the Colorado government declared April 7 as “Charlotte Figi Day”. Follow Charlotte’s heartbreaking story and how her life inspired others. And this is not all the film is about.

Movie #8 – Emperor of Hemp (1999)

Emperor of Hemp (1999)

And last but not least we have the only film from the 20th-century on our list. But old is not always outdated. Sometimes it can be matured, just like a good wine. This documentary is dedicated to the evolution of industrial hemp. The movie’s main character is Jack Herer, a man who became known as the “Emperor of Hemp”. Herer is known for educating people about the history and many uses of hemp and the conspiracy against it.

Being a very conservative person, Jack already said in the 1980s that “hemp could save the world” and even wrote a book about hemp. This documentary is all about him and his dedication to CBD.

Final thoughts

We hope you found this list of movies about cannabis culture and CBD interesting. Yes, these films represent several points of view about CBD and how different people interpret it. But the most important thing is what YOU think. At Marry Jane, we only support the legal use of CBD, so please carefully check its legal status on both a local and international level. Also, remember that CBD can have side effects and contraindications, so consult your doctor before taking it. If you would like to share your thoughts or hear about other topics, feel free to contact us. Our team of professionals would love to hear from you. Why not plan a restful evening or some holiday downtime spent relaxing with your friends and family? Just gather them around, organise a few tasty snacks, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy watching some movies!


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