Best CBD Strains for Making Cannabis Edibles

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Cannabis edibles are one of the industry’s fastest-growing sectors, and their popularity is due to them being among the easiest ways to consume CBD. However, not all CBD strains are suitable to be added to these products. The right strains are required for the industrial production of cannabis edibles. Given their wide variety, it’s not that difficult to get confused when looking for the best strain for making cannabis edibles. Today, we want to make understanding the question easier for you with a detailed guide that includes the main characteristics of CBD strains that can help you find the best strain for edibles.

Sativa strains vs. Indica strains

First of all, it’s important to understand that there are two main groups of cannabis plant strains: sativa and indica. Each of them has its own characteristics (appearance and taste, for example), and both are the base of other, more specific strains, which we will talk about today. The first group of strains, sativa, grows in various parts of Africa and Asia and usually has lower CBD content. In contrast, the second group, indica, is native to countries such as Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Turkey. These plants grow faster than sativa, and their CBD content can be high. So, both groups are different, and the particular strains with varying combinations of cannabinoids and other compounds are more diverse.

So, is sativa or indica better for edibles? Actually, the answer is “both”. That’s why many CBD hemp strains are hybrids (blends of sativa and indica) with different ratios of both groups. We have compiled a list of the six best hybrid and non-hybrid strains for edibles that can complement your meal with a unique style, so let’s check them out.

Don’t forget that before you bake with hemp flowers, they should be decarboxylated by heating them. During this process, many chemical components of the flowers like terpenes and flavonoids are removed, as are acidic cannabinoids (CBDA and THCA) converted into CBD and THC, respectively. To decarb the flowers, they are ground, then placed on a baking sheet and left in a preheated oven at 110 °C for about 40 minutes.

№ 1. V1

In the following sections, we would like to introduce you to the six best CBD strains used for making CBD edibles.

The first one, V1, is among the MJ’s strains with a respectively high CBD content (between 15 and 21%). CBD hemp of this strain has an exciting mixture of lime and mint’s distinctive aromas. Have you ever tried adding this balanced mix to your butter, cookie, or cake?

V1Jane’s Skunk CBD flowers

Do you want to truly enjoy your evening meal after a busy work day? If yes, why not try to make the edibles with this CBD strain that comes in Jane’s Skunk CBD flowers? The combination of aromas brings forth notes of both classics and modernity — so no matter what food you would like to cook, this strain can be a great fit for each of them. Adding sweet and fruity summer notes full of energizing lime and refreshing mint to your food is simple and doesn’t require any special equipment. 

№ 2. Harlequin

This next option we would like to explore for CBD edibles is Harlequin. This strain is full of the tropical sun and bright colours making it an inspired choice for lovers of juicy and sweet aromas. Harlequin strain is very bright and rich in CBD (over 15%). And what about the taste? The strain has a lot of resin flavour, and its taste is nutty-sweet (a mix of earthy musk and sweet mango).

HarlequinSimba’s Paradise CBD flowers

Would you like to transport yourself to a tropical forest, get a boost of energy and a second wind during a tough day? Make your dessert sunnier with this CBD strain in Simba’s Paradise CBD flowers and enjoy the moment.

№ 3. Orange Gellato

The next one we are going to look at is Orange Gellato. It is represented with large but compact flowers. The CBD flowers of this strain smell penetratingly creamy and earthy-nutty with the slightly fresh fruity aroma of orange. This option can be perfect for the lovers of orange ice-cream (as it comes from its name) or those who like to refresh.

Orange GellatoBabushka Kush CBD flowers

Are you keen to start your day with a boost of energy and refresh your soul by having your favourite dessert? If you are a fan of fresh orange, this strain that comes in Babushka Kush CBD flowers can be a perfect addition to different CBD edibles.

№ 4. Harley Tsunami

Want to add a fresh lemonade and lime flavour to your CBD edibles? If so, the Harley Tsunami strain may be the answer. Flowers of this strain contain from 12 to 15% of CBD and can enrich your favourite food with summer and tropical notes. The strain contains very long resinous flowers with the most unforgettable taste of an original flower soaked in lemonade and lime with musky and sweet undertones.

Harley TsunamiJack’s Haze

The Harley Tsunami strain is colourful in appearance. It has vibrant shades of green, amber and yellow spots. This strain is suitable for those who want to get the unique taste of your meals any time of the day. With Jack’s Haze, CBD flowers made of Harley Tsunami strain, one can add a strong lime flavour to the edibles.

№ 5. White Melon

Yes, the summer is coming soon, but how to feel the spirit of this season any time of the year, even on cold and rainy days of autumn and winter? We might have an answer for you. White Melon, the strain by MJ is full of a very sweet and lemonade-like taste. In taste and aroma, it can be comparable to the Limoncello strain. White Melon has from 15 to 17% of CBD that places it in the middle of the MJ strains’ list in terms of CBD content.

White MelonMomo Skunk CBD flowers

Would you like to start your day with a freshly-made sweet breakfast tasting like a lemonade? If yes, Momo Skunk CBD flowers by MJ, the product made of White Melon CBD strain, can be a fit for you. It’s fruity, slightly reminiscent of bubblegum and with a hint of floral taste — this is a great combination for the perfect CBD cookies, butter, cakes and other edibles.

№ 6. Cannatonic

The last offering in our line also deserves attention. Cannatonic is the strain with a fruity, slightly citrusy aroma with earthy notes. It comes in MJ Bubble CBD flowers and can be used in making delicious and flavourful CBD edibles. The CBD content in Cannatonic is slightly more than 13%, which is on a lower side of the spectrum.

CannatonicMJ Bubble

A mix of earthy and warm summer aromas together with a medium level of CBD can have an energizing effect on you even when it’s cold outside. So why not start your day with this delightful product? Cannatonic can be the perfect option for those who would like to experience the deep taste without consuming a lot of CBD.

As a conclusion of the information about the best CBD strains for CBD edibles, all the CBD strains mentioned in this article have resin as one of its components. According to the World Health Organization, this element can make the strains potent. For example, the resin can be broken down into an oil and used in hemp by-products.

Also, these MJ’s strains are 100% naturally grown products from the high-quality Swiss raw material with no GMO, pesticides and herbicides. All CBD flowers by MJ are the products grown carefully with less than 1.0% of THC (from 0.3 to 0.9%), which corresponds to the level permitted by the Swiss law. The range of options to choose from offers something for everyone,  so the customers could explore and find something that suits them well.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the diverse range of CBD varieties and which are the best strains to make cannabutter, cakes and cookies. Still don’t know which strain to pick? If you want to bake these kinds of edibles yourself, choosing the strain you are most familiar with is the best option. All CBD hemp made by Marry Jane is meticulously grown in the company’s indoor plantations with no herbicides or pesticides. Our products are certified with ISO 9001 international QMS standards and comply with the CBD and THC legislation of many European countries. Please check your local and international legislation governing CBD and THC and remember that the illegal production, consumption and distribution of products containing both compounds mentioned above is prohibited. So, be sure to choose only trustworthy manufacturers.


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