CBD for Christmas Season: Helpful Guide

Christmas is always expected to be the most amazing, cheerful, magical and drama-free time of the season, however, the older one gets, the more aspects there are to be found, why Christmas time may become a true stressful period, trigger anxiety and so on. Whether you’re browsing to see fun gift options for your mates and family, or trying to find a solution on how to get past this upcoming earthquake of the season – you will find all the answers in this article. 

CBD and Christmas

There is no doubt that for the bigger half of the population, the holiday season means gathering with the family, and it is well-known that it can become the most triggering combat for many individuals, not all of us are able to meet long-time-no-see relatives and be adequate facing all the uncomfortable questions by your Great Aunt Mary. 

So why is CBD even relatable in such matters? Because CBD is a well-known cure for anxiety, stress and overthinking too. Due to its natural origin and minimum THC content, CBD products are designed to help you get your mind on the right track, without any risk of triggered psychoactivity, sleepiness and other uncomfortable feelings. Let’s first browse what CBD has in store for you to help you get through all the family gatherings and office parties, and later on talk about what CBD you can choose as gifts for your loved ones. 

  • Depression

Despite the Christmas cheer, for many people this period may actually trigger a depressive state of mind, which won’t feel like a bag of candy. This period may appear as the most lonely one, especially to those who are actually clinically depressed. But not to worry, Marry Jane offers pleasant solutions. 

Since CBD is proven scientifically to boost serotonin levels in our brains, it will most likely be of great help when you feel your bluest and lowest. It is Marry Jane’s suggestion to help yourself with the following – get the vape with CBD E-liquid (you can choose your favourite flavour), a pre rolled joint for a quick puff , or intake some CBD oil right before some important meeting – you are guaranteed to feel more cheerful than usual. Add a few drops to your glass of water, hot cocoa by the fireplace, even to some Christmas dish and you’re set. 

  • Flu season 

Hopefully, if it is cold outside, it won’t mean you’ll catch a cold. Therefore, in order to help your immune system to work better or become a great prophylactic this winter time, use CBD in your daily routine. Whether you feel like falling ill or trying to stay as healthy as possible, CBD will help you to boost your immune system, if taken regularly(even in a bath) and its great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties will definitely be of nice help to avoid getting sick or during the sickness period. 

If you caught a cold and can’t help with these sore muscles, try on our warming or cooling gels, to help relieve the sore area and get the relaxation you deserve.

  • Anxiety

Anxiety can be triggered in many forms, whether it is social anxiety, anxiety disorder, or any other form of anxiety – it is never a piece of cake. Basically, whether you’re feeling anxious about meeting your colleagues in an informal gathering, your family, relatives, or even friends – CBD can be of great help. You can learn more about biological information and studies here.

No one wants a panic attack during holidays, therefore you can use the following products by Marry Jane to avoid any anxiety feelings this upcoming holiday season.

  • Family gatherings

It can be really annoying when your mother starts asking work-related questions, or your father gets super competitive over some scrabble game. CBD will surely help you feel relaxed and safe, even if the circumstances are triggering.  

CBD is a great stress-taking-away addition, without any risk of ‘looking’ or ‘acting’ suspicious. Just regular you, except calm, relaxed and indeed happy. Give yourself some really good quality time with your family during holidays. 

CBD as a gift

Another way of using CBD this holiday season is of course – becoming the CBD Santa yourself. Marry Jane has a wide selection of different CBD products to give to your family and loved ones.

Choosing gifts is also another challenge that can haunt sensitive people, like whether the person will like the gift you’re giving them, is it a good idea, will they really like it or just try being polite. Let alone going to the stores and browsing through crowds with a constant idea of what to get. 

CBD is indeed a great gift, because it is unique, healthy, very practical and quite perfect to anyone, whether they’re a user or not. Beneficial CBD qualities will be appreciated way more than a regular candles set or a gift card to a bookstore.  

  • CBD as a New Year’s resolutions

When you give your favourite set of CBD oils to your dear friend, let them know how CBD can reduce one’s anxiety and help them fix that sleeping schedule, leading to a much fuller and peaceful daily life, and in the end – their new year’s resolutions may actually be achieved this year. Apart from having more energy and sanity, they’ll be able to feel more relaxed and calm on a daily basis, focusing on their private life more. Isn’t it a great gift?

For instance, Water soluble CBD is absolutely THC free and will be a great gift to anyone you have in mind. 

  • CBD and conditions

Whether someone you know suffers arthritis, eating disorder, insomnia, depression and so on – CBD is a great gift to help handle any disorder (almost). It surely helps lower the stress on a daily basis, without forming addiction or withdrawals. Get a nice basket of CBD products for your friends and loved ones.

  • CBD is a thoughtful gift

CBD can indeed be a great fit to any age – 18 and above. It will show how much you care, and you surely will be remembered with only nice emotions. Whether you choose to give CBD oil to add to food, body lotions, baths and so on, or if they smoke – a nice vape or a few joints, the person who received this thoughtful gift will surely be happy with your choice. 

CBD and its products are easy to handle, and there is a website with descriptions of how to use each and every product. Therefore, a person will decide by him/herself in what way they see fit to use your thoughtful gift. Maybe they’ll treat everyone at a party with a few water soluble drops, or smoke a joint in a nice circle. 

  • CBD by Marry Jane is of great quality

Better than giving CBD products for Christmas, is giving a good quality CBD, and Marry Jane is surely to be one of the finest CBD suppliers. Good quality products and third party lab tests prove how much effort we put in our products, so that your loved ones can appreciate the care you take. 

  • CBD and clothes

Marry Jane offers t-shirts, pyjamas, bags, grinders and other useful items, apart from CBD products, made of the finest cotton blends and of course, very thought-through. Won’t it be nice to get a matching pyjama set for your half? Just find what you fancy the most. 


Despite all the THC stigma behind CBD products, CBD is always a great, thoughtful, amazing and really nice gift. Comes in many forms, CBD can take by surprise anyone you’ve decided to share joy with this holiday season, therefore do not hesitate to make this year unforgettable with nice gifts. 

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