CBD Oil Percentages and Dosage: All About CBD Concentrations

Since CBD, or cannabidiol, is a fairly new product on the market, there is no information about a strict dosage recommended or regulated by the European Medicines Agency. Usually, the estimated dosage is calculated based on the type of product you are using, so CBD producers provide this information in the instructions. Even though the use of CBD has been researched carefully, the dose may still depend on various factors. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore and explain all these factors so you can figure out your dose of CBD oil and to choose the product that can suit you most.

1. Understanding CBD oil concentrations

The concentration of CBD oil is the amount of the active compound in the mixture. Producers of CBD drops generally define the CBD concentration by percentage or milligrams. When purchasing Marry Jane drops, you will need to choose the desired concentration, which will be marked both in percentage and milligrams. You can find seven different options: 5% (500 mg), 10% (1000 mg), 15% (1500 mg), 20% (2000 mg), 25% (2500 mg) or 30% (3000 mg) in 10 ml CBD drops or 50% (2500 mg) in a 5 ml CBD extract.

2. Calculating the concentration per dose 

To offer you a proper example of how to calculate the CBD concentration per dose, let’s look at the Marry Jane 1 ml extract at 50% concentration. We’re going to need to do some maths. Since we know that a 1 ml glass syringe holds a capacity of 10 doses, we can calculate the amount of the extract per dose, which would be 100 mg. 

  • 1 ml = 1000 mg; 1000 mg / 10 = 100 mg

If the extract holds a 50% concentration, that means that each dose will have a 50% concentration, which leads us to 50 mg CBD concentration per dose.

  • 100 mg / 100% * 50% = 50 mg

To sum up, to calculate the concentration per dose, you need to know the number of doses that your oil holds and the amount of mg per drop. As for 10 ml CBD oils, the number of drops per 1 ml will be substantially higher compared to the glass syringe, which reaches around 20 drops. A well-designed dropper bottle will allow you to take CBD in smaller doses or add it to your daily meals.

Over the upcoming sections, we will describe four different doses of CBD oil in more detail.

3. 500 mg CBD 10 ml drops

This Marry Jane product has the lowest concentration of CBD among our oils. It’s a good option for beginners or those who are taking CBD as a wellness product for strengthening the immune system. It also might be a solid choice if the user combines different CBD products to reach the daily dose. If taken in moderation, the effects of these drops can be mild and not that distinct.

4. 1000-1500 mg CBD 10 ml drops

This one might be good both for beginners and those continuing CBD consumption. The drops can help to deal with sleep problems or general anxiety. They can also be paired with other low percentage CBD products (CBD vape or edibles). Depending on the individual user, the effects might be mild or more distinct.

5. 2000-3000 mg CBD 10 ml drops

These drops, with the highest concentration amount among our CBD oils, may suit those who are continuing to take CBD or those who require higher concentrations because of their metabolism. They might be good for athletes dealing with muscle soreness and pain symptoms. The drops might also be good for those taking relatively high doses. One study indicates that patients suffering from epilepsy were taking around 10–12 mg per kg and could experience improvements in seizure frequency.

6. 2500 mg CBD 5 ml extract

So, as CBD extract is less diverse in its components than full-spectrum CBD oils, it is no surprise that the former has a bigger concentration of CBD inside. The product we are talking about here has 50% CBD. According to the study, high concentration extracts can be used by experienced users or those suffering from severe pain or mental health problems. Additionally, such extracts can also be used for cooking CBD-infused meals or baking for multiple people. Although you should not use CBD extract as a replacement for cooking oil, nor should you heat it at extreme temperatures of more than 100°C. For better processing of the CBD isolate, please don’t take the extract on an empty stomach and add fatty ingredients like oils, butter, fatty dairy products, etc., to your meal.

You can see how diverse a range of CBD products by Marry Jane can be. With potential benefits on one side, another factor is the side effects that CBD may have. Taking CBD oil can lead to the following side effects: drowsiness, gastrointestinal issues, dry mouth, nausea, liver damage, changes in alertness, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, lung diseases and medication interactions.

It’s also essential to remember that frequency and probability of a particular side effect can depend on the way CBD is consumed. For example, lung diseases are more frequent if you inhale CBD oil.

It’s critical not to overestimate yourself and, if you are new to CBD, start with smaller doses, consecutively increasing it if necessary.

Additionally, to avoid fraud and inconsistency in actual concentration, choose only trustworthy producers and ask for third-party testing results of the products. 

7. Factors that can affect CBD dosage

We all are different, and CBD may affect our bodies differently. In this section, we would like to tell you about various factors that can affect your choice of the right CBD dosage.

  • Sex

It may sound strange, but yes, hormonal differences between men and women can cause differences in the possible effects of CBD.

  • Bodyweight and personal health state

Depending on your body weight and health state, the dosage might slightly change. Although the normal dose can vary between 20 and 40 mg a day, it can be different for some people with lower body weight.

  • The method of using CBD 

The dosage may depend on how you take CBD. For example, when inhaled the effect may be achieved quite fast, but if taken with food it may take much longer for CBD to kick in.

  • What do you use CBD for

Another point is your goal and why you turned to CBD. Some people can buy CBD-based products when they want to release stress, beat insomnia or treat anxiety. If you choose CBD products to deal with insomnia, the possible dosage you need to take should be high. However, if you want to deal with anxiety issues, the minimum amount of CBD is recommended with increasing it slowly over time.

  • The desired strength

The amount of CBD you need to take to experience certain effects may also affect your dosage. The strength of the CBD dose can be low, medium, or high. Even though it’s recommended to start slow, there are people who prefer stronger doses from the very beginning.

Always keep in mind that a professional’s opinion is essential when you are planning to take CBD. We kindly remind you about the importance of consulting your doctor before you start consuming CBD.

8. Calculating your CBD dose

We are back to maths. To calculate the optimal CBD dose for your weight, you need to use a formula, and, depending on the strength you want to get, the result slightly varies. The formula for low strength would be 1 mg of pure CBD per 10 pounds or 2 mg per 10 kg. For medium strength, you need 3 mg per 10 pounds or around 7 mg per 10 kg. As for high strength, you should use 6 mg per 10 pounds or 13 mg per 10 kg. If the effects you experience aren’t what you hoped for, you may try increasing or decreasing the dose slightly till you reach the desired result.

The key thing to remember is that when calculating your dosage, you should count the amount of CBD you’re taking, not of the CBD oil in general. The CBD extract is often mixed with fatty ingredients such as coconut oil, hemp seed oil or others to improve the processing of the active compounds in our digestive system and prevent upset stomachs.

Don’t forget that there are some tools including a dosage calculator that can help you find your best CBD dose.

9. Final thoughts

Since the dosage may vary for different people, there isn’t an exact amount of CBD that we can advise you to take. Everyone needs to find their own perfect dosage by starting slowly and increasing it slightly until the desired effect is reached. The formula we give will help you with your CBD venture. Another thing that we can advise is keeping a journal of your CBD doses and their effects so that you would learn which one will be the best for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals. They are always on hand to assist you and give the best recommendations they can.

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