Future of the European Hemp Industry

The growing popularity of the hemp industry in Europe is a result of such factors as changes in legislation and different people’s evolving attitudes towards the plant. Today, we want to examine what could happen with the industry in the future, taking into account its past and current situation.

1. Some milestones in the CBD industry

The hemp industry is related to the CBD industry, so we can observe both of them in close connection. This February, the European Commission listed CBD as a cosmetic ingredient.

This news follows the French court’s decision to remove CBD from the list of drugs and to remove cannabis from the list of dangerous drugs. You can learn more about this in one of our previous articles.

For the moment, the European CBD market is gaining acceptance. So the burning questions concern what future policy changes we can expect and what impact they will have on the European CBD and hemp industry.

2. CBD as a cosmetic ingredient

What are the stakes of these changes for the hemp industry? Cosmetic producers all over Europe that use hemp extracts will now be able to label, sell and market their products legally. Up until this change, producers were only able to integrate synthetic CBD in their products. Now, CBD derived from cannabis sativa leaves is fully accepted for use in cosmetics. The legal THC level is still regulated. The extract can contain only trace levels of the psychoactive compound.

3. The key challenge for the European hemp industry

The main challenge for the European hemp industry is the novel food status of hemp extracts. The status implies certain regulations and restrictions. As a result, in order to bring their products to the market, farmers and sellers have to go through a novel foods application to be submitted to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) or the local body (for example, the UK Food Safety Authority (FSA) for operators in the UK).

The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), which covers various applications of hemp, conducted some studies in order to create a framework to regulate the CBD market in the EU and UK and get more information about THC and CBD. The Consortium created by EIHA has already passed a check by the Food Standards Agency, which gives the industry a huge hope for unified European compliance regulating hemp extract production and sale throughout the EU and the UK.

4. Final thoughts

What are the key needs for the successful future growth of the European hemp industry? Surely, the first is to create a wider understanding that hemp is not a drug. The second aspect is to let hemp grow with the means of public policies as well. And last but not least, investing in a sustainable future for the industry. At Marry Jane, we support only the legal hemp industry. Stay tuned and learn about policy changes in the European hemp market with us. In case you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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