How CBD affects your driving abilities, and in the end – does it?

Baseline of CBD

As mentioned before in previous articles, CBD is an extract that has been naturally deprived of the cannabis plant. And while its brother contains THC and is well–known for triggering psychoactivity in your brain, CBD on the other hand is popular for its blissful and relaxing benefits to human health. 

CBD is very safe to use and becomes more and more popular among different people, however, CBD is still a great field that science is yet to research properly. But what we know now, allows assuming that CBD is a very safe, relaxing, and healthy habit one can endure. 

Whether you have been using CBD for a while or just learning about it for any kind of purpose, always make sure to get your CBD of the best quality from a reliable manufacturer, like Marry Jane. Marry Jane’s products are all based on indoor-grown CBD, have all the certifications needed, and are third-party lab tested. To learn about CBD and driving, it is essential to find out about the legality of CBD in your country, you can simply do so by clicking here.

Effects of CBD on the body

Most important CBD’s influence is happening on our endocannabinoid system, no doubt. This system is also called ECS. Basically, it is a very thought-through system that’s comprised of receptors, proteins, and neurotransmitters. The goal of ECS is to preserve balance in your body or maintain homeostasis. Its biggest purpose is to make sure that your body functions properly, for example – when you are doing sports, its main job is to make sure that needed hormones are being spread throughout your bloodstream, to exclude overheating, and control proper cooling. 

Alongside such a manner that you probably never even think about, it is also responsible for maintaining painful feelings, boosting serotonin, and so on. When your ECS is in balance, your body is in balance. Because ECS and CBD are very similar in chemical levels, our body functions better when natural Endocannabinoids are helping the homeostasis process. 

Vaping and driving

Back in the CBD and driving now. There hasn’t been much study yet on people driving under the influence of CBD, but what is known now – it is not too dangerous, in fact – it is not dangerous at all. If you want to learn more about whether CBD will be shown on a drug test, you can click here

It is best to use CBD prior to driving, so if you know you’re about to be driving, try to make a puff or two an hour before driving, because it takes around 5-15 minutes to reach your ECS when vaping, and the strongest effect of CBD is reached within first few hours after intake, therefore, if you have one to two hours period before driving – do so. 

  • Marry Jane has several e-liquids for your vaping pod, of different flavours and odours. For example, you can purchase the blueberry e-liquid for a very rich and unlike anything else flavour of fresh berries, added by a rich and dense smoke.  
  • If you prefer classic CBD’s favor, you may also try the original hemp flavour for the best experience. 
  • The watermelon flavour mixed with dense smoke is surely going to put you in the right mood before you need to go run your errands. 

Oils and driving

If you feel like you need to be more precautions and are not very sure about driving after intaking the CBD, then using CBD oils will be a great solution. 

Marry Jane offers various CBD oils, both super low on THC and absolutely THC-free water soluble options. 

There are only so many ways to use CBD oil, whether it is taking a few drops under your tongue, having a nice bubble bath with CBD oil, massaging it into your body, adding it to your body cream or a daily skincare routine, mixing it into any sort of dressings and so on, you name it. 

Oils come in different sizes and different concentrations. If you are new to the topic, we suggest you start with a lower CBD percentage, to feel the way how CBD interacts with your body first. 

For example, the regular MCT drops of 5% are going to be a great start for a beginner. Use it anyways you see fit, if you are too uncomfortable with oral intake, try adding it to your favourite body lotion, on your soles, or temples. 

Gradually increase the dosage or concentration, to reach maximum benefits and effects. Do not be harsh on yourself, take all the time you need. For example, a 15% concentration will be great in a morning glass of water as a few drops, or simply hold it under your tongue until it fully dissolves. 

Try using water-soluble options before driving, absolutely THC-free these drops are containing natural ingredients that bring you calmness, help you sleep better, fix your eating habits over time, and help handle anxiety. 

Keep in mind, that CBD oils, especially those intaken orally take longer time to reach your ECS, therefore if you’re about to drive, it is best to intake any type of oil the night before driving. 

Driving after using CBD in any form

Marry Jane offers CBD in many different forms: vapes, oil, terpenes, flowers, joints, sports gels, terps, and so much more. The recommendations stay the same as for vaping and oils, it is best to wait for some time before jumping into the driver’s seat after the intake of CBD in any form. You can simply browse through our store to find the CBD you fancy the most. 

  • Various pre-rolled CBD flowers are presented for your best convenience. Offered in many rich and exclusive flavours, there is going to be one that will match you perfectly. 
  • Jack’s haze, for example, will be appreciated by every CBD user, experienced or beginner it doesn’t matter, smoke a joint if you wish, or take a few puffs before going anywhere, you are guaranteed to feel great. 
  • Our favorite seasonal flavour is Simba’s paradise, earth musk and sweet mango will relax you in no time while enjoying the dense smoke and rich flavour. Prerolls are very convenient to take on a trip with you, to keep in your purse or your pocket. 

If you enjoy rolling joints by yourself, you will be very satisfied with the choices Marry Jane offers. Beautiful and aromatic flowers of pure CBD and delicious flavours are made for you to enjoy CBD at its best. 

  • MJ bubble CBD with a nice earthy odor and citrus flavour is ought to bring you inner joy and calmness of your mind in no time. Do not forget to use the grinder for your best experience. 
  • Jane’s skunk of the fruity and sweet mixture will show you what heaven really is. You can smell the rich flavour from afar, and when inhaling that first puff, all the anxiety and worries of the world gently fade away. 
  • If you have any sore parts in your body, let’s say after a workout or because of arthritis, it is very safe and useful to use sports gels by Marry Jane

CBD gels may be the safest option to use when driving, since they work only in the affected zone, and do not reach your bloodstream, only on the surface. Therefore using sports gels can be performed even while driving. 


After all, numerous studies that had been executed on this matter show that CBD in fact doesn’t anyhow influence driving abilities. It is better to drive after the CBD intake, than drive with hideous migraine or be unable to use the stick with swollen joints. There is still more research to be performed, but this is no reason to postpone it in the farthest drawer – use CBD, and find out how it influences your body because it is unique. If you feel like you can drive and vape at the same time – who’s going to stop you? Make sure not to intake too much to avoid overdose, just take it slow and carefully and you’re going to be very safe. 


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