How Do You Identify the True Potency and Quality of CBD?

When searching between different CBD products and brands, you may often get confused when it comes to choosing the one that best fulfills your expectations and needs. In this article, we will tell you what you should pay attention to if you want to buy CBD products with the best potency and quality.

1. CBD potency

The following two factors are essential for CBD products as they help users determine if they are safe and guarantee that they will experience the desired effect without fear of being deceived.

If you are familiar with CBD products, you may know that producers indicate the CBD content on their products. For example, information about how much CBD is in each of Marry Jane’s products can be found on their individual pages. As for CBD potency, the main point we want to mention is that it varies from one product to another. There are different ways to consume CBD (vaporising, smoking, sublingually, orally, topically) and each of them has its own pros and cons, as well as different levels of possible potency. You can read about the different ways to consume CBD here.

2. How do you check CBD potency?

As we mentioned earlier, all potencies should be clearly labeled on any product that contains CBD. However, sometimes it can be useful to check the prescribed CBD content. All legitimate CBD manufacturers are required to have their products tested in independent third-party laboratories. This information may be available on the producer’s official website. If you cannot find this data, you can contact the company to provide it.

To conclude this section, we wish to remind you that the real potential of CBD still needs to be studied. Further research is required and the question of cannabidiol’s true benefits is under review.

3. CBD quality

As the CBD industry grows year by year, and legal changes allow for the sale of these products in more and more countries, the number of producers and sellers of CBD products is also growing. Sometimes companies will offer low-grade CBD products with the aim of capitalising on the moment, rather than providing people with high-quality and effective products, for many reasons.

4. How do you check CBD quality?

What we would like to tell you in this section is how to review the quality of a CBD product. First of all, check to see if the company is legitimate. It may be useful to browse the company’s website to make sure it is licensed to produce or sell CBD products. Look for any certifications or perhaps memberships to professional associations. Secondly, the next important step is to look at customer reviews. These ratings will help you to be sure of the quality or lack thereof of the product. And finally, as we said before, don’t forget about the third-party testing results to verify the quality of the product.

5. Final thoughts

Finding the best CBD products is not an easy task, so it’s wise to be a careful and watchful consumer. If you choose to take CBD, we kindly recommend that you only purchase products from trustworthy manufacturers. In addition, ask for third-party testing results and check the legitimacy of the companies you are considering buying from. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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