How to Make CBD Butter?

Have you heard about cannabutter? As you may realise from its name, this is a cannabis-infused butter. This kind of butter contains CBD, but as it has zero to low THC levels, it won’t stimulate an “entourage effect” and get you high. In today’s article, we will guide you through the process of making cannabis-infused butter with easy-to-follow recipes.

First of all, we should mention that there are two ways to make CBD butter, one using CBD oil, CBD tincture or CBD powder and one using CBD-rich hemp flowers. The first option is a little bit faster and easier, so we will start with it.

Recipe #1 — CBD butter with CBD oil, CBD tincture or CBD powder

The butter made in accordance with the following recipe is the perfect addition to any daily meal, and it may also help you experience the possible benefits of CBD.


It’s better to choose unsalted butter, which will go perfectly with any kind of dish. The best option is to buy butter from a local farmer. This will ensure that your butter is made of natural pasteurised milk (cream), not dry milk powder, and has sufficient fat (above 80%). As an alternative to traditional butter, you can use ghee butter, coconut butter or any other kind of butter you prefer.


  1. Chop the chosen kind of butter into small equal pieces.
  2. Slowly melt the butter at low heat, then add water and about 20 ml of CBD oil, tincture or powder.
  3. Heat the mixture while stirring it from time to time.
  4. Cool the mixture, stir and pour into a container.
  5. Seal the container and leave it in the fridge for about 2 hours.
  6. Cannabutter is ready!

You can add this butter to already-prepared meals or during cooking, and it may be used as a substitute for butter without CBD.

Recipe #2 — CBD butter with CBD-rich hemp flowers

This recipe is similar to the previous one but contains hemp flowers instead of CBD oil, CBD tincture or CBD powder. Follow the directions and happy cooking!


  • 460 ml (2 cups) of butter;
  • 230 ml (1 cup) of water;
  • CBD-rich hemp flowers.

First of all, we need to decarboxylate the flowers. When we smoke or vaporise them, the heat allows the acidic cannabinoids to convert into active compounds (from THCA to THC, from CBDA to CBD, etc.). So, we will repeat the heating process to get the flowers ready for consumption.

  1. Preheat your oven to 120°C. Spread the flowers on a piece of parchment paper covering the tray.
  2. Insert the tray and leave it in for about 30-40 minutes. Gently shake the tray every 10 minutes to ensure that the flowers don’t burn on one side.
  3. Cool and grind.
  4. Repeat all the steps from the first recipe, but replace the CBD oil, tincture or powder with ground CBD flowers.
  5. All done. Enjoy!

We hope you find this recipe useful. Don’t forget to dose CBD-infused butter carefully.

Final thoughts

CBD butter is one of the simplest and most common ways to make CBD-infused edibles. In this article, we showed you two simple recipes that may add taste and the possible benefits of CBD to your daily meals. If you would like to get more interesting recipes containing CBD, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of professionals would love to hear from you.

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