How To Use CBD To Help Manage Pain

CBD and its potential benefits

Many people nowadays are faced with a very big problem: chronic pain of different origins. And while serious medical conditions should be treated by doctors, it is more about muscle tension and soreness, like tired eyes after having spent too much time in front of a computer, low activity due to sitting type of job, less than 8 hours of daily sleep, back pain, wrist pain and so on. None of it is disturbing enough to go see a doctor, however annoying enough to try and search for an easy, quick and enjoyable solution. 

So what is it that you can do to help your body process these types of things, chronic dizzying pain of some kind? The answer is simple – you should consider using CBD first. 

Thanks to the natural origin of Cannabidiol and the fact that the amount of THC in such extract is extremely low or even zero, products made from CBD will not trigger any psychoactivity, but instead will only bring the calmness, relaxation and reduce any sore feelings in your body to its minimum, or completely. Many CBD users and people who have tried CBD before have found that it helps with medical conditions of chronic pain, such as arthritis, joint pain, insomnia and so forth.

CBD is also known for a zero-addiction profile, as well as nearly no side effects whatsoever. Despite the fact that some CBD products do contain little amounts of THC, it is untraceable and doesn’t lead to any unwanted consequences. The list of conditions CBD may help with is quite long, here are the most searched ones:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Insomnia
  • PTSD
  • Neuropathic Pain
  • Migraine and so on

As well as excluding intoxicating properties, CBD and its products are designed to deliver a huge amount of health benefits to its users. There are several ongoing researches on this matter, whether CBD’s qualities are remaining as a painkiller or analgesic, and while results are quite promising, science has yet so many things to discover and prove about CBD and whether it really may bring relief to any sort of pain.

CBD for pain

CBD will become the best natural approach in terms of managing pain, because it works with your natural system, that influences several centers, like mood, appetite, sleep, pain perception and so on. CBD is basically mimicking your natural system, if put in simple words, therefore it has no problems to boost what’s already found in your body. 

CBD is ought to reduce pain signals quite successfully, and there is quite a biological proof to that. In simple words, CBD blocks pain signals from reaching processing centers in our brain, or in other words it helps reduce inflammation drastically, by redirecting connections inside the nervous system so that the cause of the pain isn’t disturbing you anymore. 

CBD increases immune response, which is beneficial for people struggling with serious health issues such as cancer, sclerosis and so on.

Reduced inflammation is one of the leading qualities of CBD, due to acting as an antioxidant CBD may help decrease inflammation of any kind: such as back pain, for example. 

CBD also improves mood and sleep, leading to decreased anxiety on a daily basis, and improved sexual performance. You can learn more here.

CBD is a great way to keep your health on point, because most of our problems start in our mind, whether triggered by anxiety or else. Once you learn how to live a peaceful, happy life with CBD, let go of any physical pain – your life quality will be very pleasing to you. However, CBD isn’t an alternative to any kind of treatments your doctor prescribed, but it can be a very satisfying addition. Keep in mind to let your doctor know of you adding CBD to your daily routine. 

  1. CBD and types of pain 
  2. Arthritis and joint pain

There is a big article covering such a disturbing topic as arthritis and the pain it brings, to learn more simply click here. But if you need a quick summary, just read below. 

Arthritis is basically pain brought by inflamed joints in your body. It is common to have pain in the sore area, swelling and stiffness, progressing over time. In simple words arthritis equals swollen joints, and thanks to CBD’s natural ability to lower the blood pressure, it is going to absolutely help with all the discomfort and pain arthritis may bring.

Marry Jane has wide options for CBD products, so it will be easy to find the perfect match for your preferences. 

For the pain caused by swollenness and inflammation, it is always safe and wise to pay attention to topicals and gels with CBD content. Such as Sport gel my Marry Jane. By using the cooling gel you will feel relief and a nice cooling effect around the area of application, meanwhile using the hot gel will make you feel a nice warm sensation in the painful zone. 

CBD Gels

There are many options to help handle annoying pain, whether caused by arthritis, intense workout or anything else. You may want to consider applying water soluble CBD on the damaged area of your body, and around 30 minutes later you will feel the relief. 

Watersoluble CBD

  • Chronic pain

Chronic pain may have a different origin, whether it is from a long period of ongoing disease or psychosomatic, usually it is defined as a pain that lasts longer than several months. CBD has a few cases proven to work with patients after cancer treatment, to eliminate discomfort, nausea and other symptoms patients often experience. 

Pain caused by Multiple-sclerosis is also known to be successfully relieved after using CBD, it is also approved in some countries as a medical treatment. 

  • Neuropathic pain 

Neuropathic pain is a result of some ongoing damage to the nervous system of some kind, or to the nerves, like a broken arm or leg a few years ago may come back in phantom pain syndrome. Sometimes it may be tingling, numbing feelings, and even burning sensations. Topicals and creams will also be a good treat for such a cause, alongside baths with CBD oil, as well as CBD intakes in any way. 

Of course, neuropathic pain may have a different origin, like multiple sclerosis and other serious conditions, where the treatment with a doctor is a must.

Which products to try

While science is still learning and discovering more about CBD, and the ways it helps fight or ease the pain of an individual, there is enough proof that it helps again and again with any discomfort senses in your body. 

There are good quality products offered by Marry Jane, produced from the highest quality indoor grown CBD, the finest in Switzerland and all over Europe. Third party lab tested, these products are safe to use and guaranteed to be of the same components as the label states. 

The way you want CBD to work for you depends on a few circumstances, such as what kind of pain is bothering you, do you need an immediate and effective solution and how long do you wish for the effect to last.

The fastest way to feel CBD’s natural benefits is through inhaling, but we’ll get onto that a bit later. Because one of the most effective for the swollenness and inflammation, after cooling and warming gels, is of course CBD oil. 

CBD oil used sublingually, orally, or mixed into the cream will take the longest to reach the area of discomfort, however the benefits will be experienced much longer too. CBD oil is very successful in eliminating the source of the pain, leading to a healthy and natural way of pain-free sensations in your body.  

MCT drops by Marry Jane of 5% concentration of CBD is a great first step on the way of letting go of any pain sensations in your body for good. Add a drop or two to your favorite salad dressing, in a glass of water, bath, aroma lamp or even your body lotion, or just hold it under your tongue for a while. You can improvise and try other ways of application, as long as it feels good to you. 

For a more experienced user there are options of bigger CBD amounts in the oil, up to 30% concentration. There are two ways of going about this, either gradually increase the amount of lighter drops, or simply switch to a stronger percentage. Whatever it is you feel like, the CBD oil drops won’t be a disappointment once you feel that relief of having no pain at all, while remaining fully concentrated and healthy. 

Check out other options of CBD oils by Marry Jane by clicking here

Another way of using CBD well mentioned above is vaping. Through smoke and inhaling the benefits of CBD go directly into your bloodstream, as you may have already heard about that, which helps to deliver the CBD to your inner organs, making you feel that desired relief almost instantly. 

At Marry Jane’s store you may find lots of options for different E-liquid flavours, alongside all the needed items for the successful vaping session. It only takes a puff or two a day to feel that relaxation and make your chronic pain, or any sort of pain disappear for a long period of time. 

Get your favourite flavour for the E-liquid and enjoy dense smoke while chemical reactions in your body do their job to bring you the relaxation. 

THC free hemp flowers are also going to help deliver CBD benefits to your inner system right away. There is not much difference between smoking or vaping, however it is only narrowed down by your own personal preferences. Learn more about possible flower flavours here

All you have to do is to choose your favourite taste: whether it is musky, fruity, citrus and so on. Enjoy the finest hemp in its natural form and a dense rich smoke while your pain carries away gently. Browse through various flavour options of hemp flowers, whether in a join or in its original form.

To sum up, CBD is famous for its anti-inflammatory effects, therefore it is safe to assume that it will reduce joint pain, muscle tension, anxiety, discomfort, painful feelings after taking some hard medicine and medical treatment, broken bones, nausea, migraine, arthritis, and the list may go on. All you need to consider is what kind of pain you wish to get rid of and which way will be your favourite. 

Here’s a quick list of what CBD usually helps with: 

  • Easifying anxiety symptoms and PTSD symptoms
  • Reducing systemic inflammation 
  • Decreasing aggressive treatments’ symptoms
  • Decreasing symptoms of autoimmune conditions
  • Decreasing joint pain of all kind 
  • Slowing neurological disorders progression 

Just remember to use CBD wisely and carefully, and take care of your body. 


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