Interview with Ilias Bulaid (Part 1)

In one of our previous articles we told you how CBD can increase your athletic performance. Now, we would like to present to you Ilias Bulaid, a Dutch-Moroccan kickboxer and mixed martial artist. Ilias is using our products, so he can tell us his story about Marry Jane CBD’s efficiency. Read the first part of the interview with him below.

Ilias, the COVID-19 pandemic brought various changes and challenges to our lives. For you as a professional kickboxer and martial artist, were there any challenges you had to face?

Well, before the pandemic I used to fight four and five times a year, last year I fought just one. So, that was a big challenge to keep myself motivated, to keep myself thinking every time that maybe next month I can fight. According to my fight schedule, I should have been fighting in Paris last October, but after arrival, I had a positive COVID test. The fight was canceled, I came back to the Netherlands, was tested again, and it was negative. It’s a really frustrating time. You don’t know when it is going to stop, what will happen with the world, it’s very crazy and very strange. So, the hardest challenge for me is to stay passionate, motivated and keep working.

Did the pandemic somehow influence your training?

Yes, it did. In the Netherlands, for example, at this moment, the gyms are closed. A couple of months ago, they were closed for three or four months. After that they were opened and then closed again. For me and other professional sportsmen, the good thing is that we have top-sport status. It gives us permission to train with coaches because it is our job. But, unfortunately, not everyone can train, so we don’t have a lot of sparring and training partners. It’s frustrating. So, the training now is not the same as before.

Do the news about the pandemic stress you out or you feel fully adapted to the current situation?

I’ve learnt one thing: you have to adapt to every situation. You should just let things you cannot control go and make the best out of it. That’s exactly what I am doing right now. You need to be passionate and make the best out of every situation.

As we know, you have been using Marry Jane’s CBD products for some time already. Could you tell us, please, for how long exactly and what effects did you experience?

I started using CBD last February. I had a very tough personal situation and a fight coming on. I had a lot of stress and couldn’t sleep. I felt my whole body in tension. Then my brother, who has a friend working for Marry Jane, offered me to try CBD. When you think about CBD for the first time, you may imagine marijuana and weed. And I started to search for information about CBD and feedback on its use. When I started to use CBD myself and especially at that time it helped me so much! It helped me to relax my body and deal with sleep loss. CBD really helped me to face the combined situation with my personal life and training for the coming fight. It just released tension.

What were your first feelings and impressions about it?

My first thought was like this: “CBD helped me to relax and release the tension.” I’m the kind of guy who was a little bit skeptical about CBD. And when I started using it I felt the differences really fast. It became easier to fall asleep, I felt that my stress went away. I felt the benefits of CBD very quickly. That’s why CBD for me is a very important thing in my career as well as in life. I use CBD almost daily.

Have you ever tried to treat muscle or injury pain with CBD products? 

Not yet. I’m going to do it. Last year, I was invited to America and I met Mike Tyson there. He is also into CBD. And we were talking about CBD and this kind of thing. I told him about Marry Jane, he told me about his products. And then he gave me a CBD spray, which I used when being injured. I did it daily and it helped me. I felt that pain was going away very fast and I recovered quickly.

This is the end of the first part. The second part of the interview is coming soon in our next article. Stay tuned to get it as soon as possible. 

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