Is CBD Oil Good for Your Hair?

Hair loss can be frustrating and take multiple forms. Some people experience hair loss because of having the “baldness gene” in their family, others will face hair loss associated with hormonal changes, stress or medical conditions. Due to the wide range of possible factors, the problem of hair loss requires long-term research into possible patterns and the ways to approach any form of treatment. In this article, we will show you what scientists might have found about the possible potential of CBD oil to support hair regrowth.

CBD oil for hair growth, what do we know?

Although the interaction between CBD oil and hair health is quite a new field of study, there are some studies we would like to make you aware of. This year, two medical centres in Florida, United States, revealed fascinating study results: CBD may help people with hair regrowth. Although the potential of CBD support in hair regrowth seems to be significant, scientists still cannot explain the mechanism of the observed effects. However, the study also explains that the endocannabinoid system might be the key factor in hair regrowth, as CB1 receptors are largely represented in hair follicles. As you might know, CBD has a potential to interact with the endocannabinoid system’s receptors.

Earlier studies related to CBD and endocannabinoid system interaction foresee the apparition of a number of new therapeutic approaches, and happily, that is exactly what we have observed in recent years. Hopefully, further definitive research will be conducted.

Another recent study highlights some additional potential properties of CBD oil that have been shown to reduce hair loss. For instance, CBD oil can increase blood circulation, which helps nurture hair follicles. Besides, as the study shows, CBD may be rich in fatty acids and vitamins that can also stimulate hair growth.

Two ways to use CBD oil for hair loss

There are two ways CBD oil may be used to reduce hair loss. Let’s check them out below:

  • Topical application. This means applying CBD oil directly to hair by dripping in small amounts. Also, a few drops of CBD oil can be added to your favourite conditioner or hair product.
  • Oral consumption. The second option is to consume CBD oil and allow your body to deliver the cannabinoids and their possible benefits. You can consume CBD oil directly or add it to your food or drinks. Moreover, various articles on making meals and drinks with CBD (including CBD oil) can be found in our blog.

Final thoughts

This is just some basic information about how CBD oil may interact with hair. We strongly recommend you only purchase from trustworthy suppliers that have competent customer service. Additionally, before taking CBD, consult your doctor and carefully calculate the amount of cannabidiol you take. Remember that the health of your hair depends on a combination of factors, so a healthy lifestyle will be a perfect complement to any hair treatment. Take care and keep in touch in case you have any questions for our team of professionals.

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