Meeting the Marry Jane Team: Interview with Gerard Malpesa (Part 1)

Welcome to the next edition of our interviews with members of the Marry Jane team. Today, we will feature the first part of our interview with Gerard Malpesa, responsible for manufacturing oils, extracts and isolates at the company. In this part of the interview, we talk about Gerard’s background, his first acquaintance with Marry Jane, his work routine at the company, and the most exciting and challenging aspects of his job.

Gerard, we traditionally start our interviews with some personal background. Can you please tell us about where you are from, where you grew up and what you studied?

I am from the small city of Argentona (about 30 kilometres from Barcelona) in Spain. I hold a degree in production in the graphics industry, but cannabis has always been my hobby and passion. I grew up in a hippie family, so I knew a thing or two about cannabis, and that’s how I was introduced to the cannabis world.

Let’s now talk about the first time you heard of the commercial side of CBD. What were your first thoughts and impressions?

I first heard about the commercial side of CBD from my Italian friend who told me that he could buy CBD flowers in Italy and Switzerland with an invoice. I was shocked because all my life in Barcelona it was underground and not legal, and the industry was run with love and passion only.

This is how it was the first time for me. And I started thinking, “Hey, why don’t I move to Italy or Switzerland?”. So, I organised a trip with my partners. We had fifteen days in Italy, Switzerland and Austria to research the state of the CBD market in those countries.

After our trip, I told my colleagues about the situation in Italy, and we decided to open shops in that country. From then on, I regularly came to Switzerland to buy CBD flowers. All my life, I have been involved with THC, extraction, oil, derivative products, and pretty much everything else CBD related.

How did you hear about Marry Jane for the first time and when was that?

My first contact with Marry Jane was in a shop in Zurich and then at Cannatrade where I spoke to some guys from the company. That was, I think, in 2018.

Let’s move on to your career at Marry Jane. When did you start working for the company?

That happened six months after the first meeting. When I was in Switzerland, I was involved in a CBD extraction project. We were distilling CBD for the further production of CBD isolates. And then, the first day I met the guys and showed them the product I was making, they thought it was interesting. So, we started a collaboration to produce CBD isolate and distillate and other products we could make.

How would you describe the atmosphere inside Marry Jane?

It’s really good. The people are so friendly. It’s like a big family, where every member helps each other. From my side, I receive assistance and motivation from my colleagues. Every day I am growing thanks to the company’s friendly atmosphere. I am really happy to be part of the Marry Jane team.

Can you tell us a little bit about your daily work routine? Does your work vary depending on the month or season?

I am coordinated with the stock and use the raw materials to produce all the products that we supply to our customers, such as various types of oils, vape liquids and CBD isolates. We run a lot of machinery and a lot of paper to ensure the trustability of the products. Also, I organise all the analytics, organoleptic tests, all those sorts of things. The growing process goes on all year round. Sometimes, though, we have special projects, so it actually doesn’t depend much on the month or season.

What would you say are the most exciting and challenging parts of your job?

For me, the most exciting and challenging part of my job is creating and developing a stable line of products.

This concludes the first part of our interview with Gerard Malpesa. The second part of our conversation will be coming up next week.

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