Meeting the Marry Jane Team: Interview with Joanna Erbland (Part 1)

Welcome to another interview in our series of meetings with team members at Marry Jane. Today’s article features the first part of the interview with Joanna Erbland, accounting manager at the company. Do you already know some interesting things about working as an accounting manager? Joanna will tell us about herself, her first exposure to the CBD industry in general and Marry Jane in particular. You will also find out what Joanna is most excited about working for Marry Jane. Happy reading!

Joanna, we typically start our interviews with personal questions. Today is no exception. Can you tell our readers where you are from, where you grew up and what you studied?

I come from a small village in the south of Alsace (this is a region in the east of France that borders Switzerland and Germany). I grew up and studied there. My studies were dedicated to administration and management in a very general sense. I received my diploma at the age of 21. After that, I started working for a waste recycling company in Basel as a sorting agent. From opportunity to opportunity, I managed to become an accountant. Then I went back to school to complete the recognised diploma.

Let me ask you about the first time you heard of CBD. Do you remember that moment and could you imagine that you were going to work in the CBD industry?

Yes, I remember very well when I first heard about CBD. It was 2018, a year before I started working for Marry Jane. A friend of mine told me about it when I told her I was going through a pretty stressful time. She advised me to try CBD and this was what I did. It was my first experience with CBD and at that time I didn’t actually know that I would end up working for a company involved in the CBD industry.

But finally you did it. Can you tell us how you first heard about Marry Jane? And when was that?

Well, that was in April 2019. I was looking for some new work experience and at the time my account manager from a job placement company where I was registered offered me this position. That’s where it all started. I was already happy at the idea of being part of this adventure.

Next, a question about your work at Marry Jane. How long have you been working for the company?

I started working at Marry Jane in May 2019. So, as of now, I’ve been working for Mary Jane as an accounting manager for more than two years.

Joanna, let’s now talk about your work in more detail. Can you tell us about your daily work routine? What do you do as an accounting manager? Does your work vary by month or season?

My routine is diverse: I have to do administrative, accounting and human resources work. My work varies a lot. During a normal day, I do accounting work, analyse information in tables, make payments and check that the computer system executes them correctly. I also answer emails and mails. The closing periods are different in terms of workload.

Your work sounds really involved, but is there any excitement in it? What is the most exciting part of your job?

Yes, it’s true that many of my tasks are recurrent, but they are interesting and challenging. And actually, they are really exciting to me.

Did you enjoy the first part of our interview with Joanna Erbland, accounting manager at Marry Jane? If so, the second part of our conversation is coming up next week. While you wait for it, you can liven up your time by reading some of the other interviews with members of the Marry Jane team that are no less interesting. You can also find engaging information about CBD, CBD products and CBD-related topics in our blog articles and regular Weekly News Digests. Moreover, if you have any questions for our team of professionals, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always on hand to help you and are open to cooperation. Take care and see you soon!

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