Meeting the Marry Jane Team: Interview with Joanna Erbland (Part 2)

It’s the start of a new week, ladies and gentlemen, which means we have another installment of a conversation with a member of the Marry Jane team coming up. Today, we are pleased to present the second part of our interview with Joanna Erbland, accounting manager at the company. If you missed the first part of the talk, you can find it here. In part two, Joanna will tell us about her working experience at Marry Jane, her personal view of what makes for a good accounting manager and what her feelings are about Marry Jane and its products. Are you excited yet? We hope you will enjoy it like perfect summer weather. Here we go!

Joanna, you’ve told us about the exciting parts of your job, but can you describe the main challenges that an accounting manager may encounter in the course of their work?

Yes, there are also some challenges that an accounting manager can face in the workplace. The first one is to get the work done on time. And the second is to make sure that everything is accurate to the penny. To be sure, it is vitally important that everything is done exactly according to the prescribed schedule and information. Only by following the prescriptions can you achieve the best results and produce a product of the highest quality.

And now, let’s try to find out what makes for a good accounting manager. Joanna, what are the most important character traits to have as an accounting manager that you can highlight for us?

Of course, any accounting manager who wishes to achieve the best results in their work should possess a number of qualities. The essential ones are actually rigor, precision, transparency and honesty. Also, there are some professional ones: one must be able to use all the relevant computer tools and have a precise knowledge of the industry and company one works in. Finally, it is important to be curious and definitely love what you do.

Have you tried any Marry Jane products? If so, do you have a personal favourite?

Yes, of course. To be honest, it would be a shame not to take such advantage of them. My favourite Marry Jane product is the CBD oils. And I use them often, usually before I go to bed. It helps me feel much more relaxed.

And can you tell us which kind of Marry Jane oil is your favourite?

Sure. In a range of different oils, my favorites are 15% CBD full-spectrum oils made by Marry Jane.

Joanna, let’s get back to your work at Marry Jane. Can you highlight the aspects of your work that are most encouraging and inspiring to you?

Well, the thing that encourages and inspires me the most is our common path that we are on in the company. Sometimes, it is interesting to look back and think, “My God, we did all this in just two years.” I am very proud of the work being done by the company and the team spirit within Marry Jane. It really inspires and encourages future achievements.

The next question has a more global scope than the previous ones. What is your prediction regarding the future of CBD and the CBD industry in the world?

With great conviction, I believe that today CBD and the CBD industry are our present and will remain our future in the years to come.

And now our final question. Joanna, what do CBD and Marry Jane mean to you?

For me personally, as a member of the Marry Jane team, CBD and Marry Jane are not just words. They are a very important part of my life and they occupy a big place in my heart.

We would like to thank Joanna Erbland for taking the time to answer our questions. Dear readers, If you would like to put your questions to the members of the Marry Jane team, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also find interesting facts about CBD and related topics in the informative interviews, articles and weekly news digests on our blog. In addition, if you need advice or assistance with questions about CBD and CBD products, feel free to reach out to us. Our team of professionals is always on hand to help you. Take care, stay safe and see you soon!

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