Meeting the Marry Jane Team: Interview with Vlora Nuredini (Part 2)

It’s Monday, dear readers. And yes, it’s no surprise that not all of us like Mondays, but we have something that is certain to paint your day in bright colours. Get your week started with the second part of our interview with Vlora Nuredini, a high-level professional working in production and Marry Jane’s production manager, which is here. If you missed the first part of our conversation, you can find it here. We’ve packed this instalment with interesting content, and in it, you’ll learn more about Vlora’s work routine, her inspiration and the production processes at Marry Jane in general. In addition, would you like to know what Marry Jane means to Vlora? If so, then this article is also for you! So get ready, sit back and enjoy reading because we are starting the second part of our conversation right now!

Vlora, can you tell us a little about your daily work routine? What do you usually do during your working day?

My working day starts around 7 o’clock. We start working right away. I go to the packing room and always look at what we did the day before: Mass, the boxes, how many kilos we cleaned by hand, everything. Then I make sure that everything is in order and the workplace is clean, otherwise I watch, if something is also to help the others, if someone needs help there I am attentive.

What do you think are the most exciting and challenging parts of the production process at Marry Jane?

Find the beginning part exciting with the mother plants when they are planted, find the process exciting how something big can come from such a small flower. It’s intricate but looks easy when you plant it yourself afterwards.

Vlora, can you tell us what character traits a real production specialist should have? 

You should be a team player, be able to work in a group, be helpful and attentive, because you often see numbers: Kilo numbers, different varieties, which one must know, because there must be no mistakes later. You should have self-confidence, because you always have to know what you are producing when customers come, just be open to what you are doing. And the most important thing is respect, because different languages are always spoken. Colleagues come from France, Albania, Italy, Spain or Germany…

Have you already tried Marry Jane products? If yes, do you have favorite products?

Yes, I have! An oil it was of 10% with CBD, wanted to try it for sleep because I often could not sleep. At first it’s a funny taste, but after time it helps eyes close quickly. So, I think it works!

Now let’s come to the global question. Nowadays, the legal situation of CBD is changing rapidly. What do you think, is it just a temporary trend or a long-term trend?

I think it won’t be a trend, it will be long term because many are addicted to it because no other drugs will help them anymore. I often hear that the products have helped them with rheumatism.

Vlora, and a few personal questions. What inspires you in your work?

What we do: Helping people and that many come together and we can make a big difference….

And our last question. What does Marry Jane mean to you personally?

Means something to me already, so it’s the first start in Switzerland since I moved here from Germany. Through her I have met many new people!

This concludes the second part of the interview. We would like to thank Vlora Nuredini, the production manager at Marry Jane, for taking the time to answer our questions that have helped to tell her wonderful story within the company. And the story continues. Who would you like us to interview next? And what aspect of Marry Jane’s operations would you like to hear about in more detail? Don’t miss our upcoming conversations with members of the Marry Jane team, as well as other entertaining articles about CBD and CBD-related topics and the regular Weekly News Digests. Also, don’t forget to contact us if you have any questions or comments about any aspect of our company. Tell us what you’re interested in, share your experience in the contact form and have a productive week!

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