Monthly News Digest: October 2021

Time flies! October is coming to an end, and we are ready to present Marry Jane’s first Monthly News Digest. In this edition, we gathered seven major CBD and CBD-related news stories for you.

Take a dive into what’s happened for the whole month together with us!

1) Medical cannabis may ease depressive symptoms

Let’s start with some recent studies on cannabis.

A new research from Johns Hopkins University and the Realm of Caring Foundation finds that medical cannabis can reduce depression and anxiety, as well as improve sleep and life quality. Still, placebo-controlled trials are needed to properly confirm that low-dose CBD may be helpful for mental health and decide whether the effectiveness of medical cannabis products depends on their duration of use.

2) Rare cannabinoids to treat epilepsy

The British Journal of Pharmacology has released a study of lesser-known cannabinoids which may help stop epileptic seizures. Seven different cannabinoids were screened and three of them — cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), cannabidivarinic acid (CBDVA) and cannabigerovarinic acid (CBGVA) — apparently provide significant anticonvulsant effects. CBGA is reported to be the most potent. It may also reach many similar therapeutic targets meant for traditional anti-epilepsy drugs.

3) Stop chronic pain with medical cannabis oils

In a recent study, the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology surveyed a group of UK patients with chronic pain. Most of the 110 participants who were prescribed medical cannabis oil noted better health conditions, decreased levels of pain and anxiety and higher sleep quality from one, three and six months on from the beginning of the cannabis treatment.

4) Gender equity in the cannabis sector

Gender equity is a global challenge that relates to the cannabis industry as well, where it is mainly associated with ownership and executive positions.

In the lead-up to MJBizCon, the most anticipated event of the cannabis business year, a few female representatives made a point about gender equity and what can be done to change the cannabis “bro” culture, where women with greater experience are disregarded by men who have far less expertise. Furthermore, women were among the first to be laid off during the pandemic due to some old-school mentality. Female ownership in the industry is hampered due to access to capital so that women should know how to present themselves and feel strongly about their target audience and the numbers to find proper investors.

5) Legalisation of personal cannabis use in Luxembourg

A couple of legislation issues at a glance.

Luxembourg is the first European country to allow people aged 18 and older to grow up to four cannabis plants in their households for recreational use. The new legislation also permits seed retail and seed import from abroad. However, the possession and sale of cannabis (other than seeds) are obviously illegal, but people found with less than three grams of cannabis will be exempted from prosecution and likely pay a fine of as little as €25.


6) A standard cannabinoid test in California by January 2023

California is planning to implement a new standard test method for cannabinoids in cannabis samples. Following the state bill signed in early October, the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) is obliged to appoint at least one cannabinoid test by 1 January 2023. This test will be the standard for state-certified laboratories. What is more, the DCC will be able to alter the list of contaminants and action levels with no legislative approval required. The bill seems to standardise THC values in the industry and prevent using poor cannabis products.

7) Business of Cannabis: New York — is financial capital also the capital of cannabis?

Wrapping up our digest with a high-level discussion. The speakers of Business of Cannabis: New York analysed the opportunities and challenges on the way to building a new legal cannabis market. Various panels discussed federal legislation, limited licences and their advantages and so on. New York is the world’s financial capital so that the cannabis businesses can reap significant benefits here and find proper investment. Participants also focused on the need for research funding and federal legalisation and highlighted other barriers preventing the city from being the true capital of cannabis across the USA.

Final thoughts

Hence, October was busy! The cannabis industry is skyrocketing with many businesses and researchers involved around the world. We hope this month was productive for you, wish you all the best and see you at the end of November!


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