CBD and Yoga: Discover the Benefits of This Duo

During the times when we’re all experiencing stress, suffering from information overload or from overworking, it’s always a good idea to stop for a moment to take a breath and unwind. Yoga, as a practice of asanas combined with meditation, can positively affect your mental state and nervous system. In this article, we’ll tell you […]


Best CBD Rituals to Help You Feel Relaxed and Balanced

According to a number of different studies, CBD products may have the potential to support relaxation and a balanced mood. In this article, we will examine recent studies of CBD’s possible role in fighting stress and anxiety. Additionally, we’ll also discuss how to make CBD a part of your self-care routine. 1. What do the […]


Combining Different CBD Products: Is It a Good Idea?

One of the key features of CBD is that it can be smoked, vaped, taken as an oil, tincture, capsule, applied to the skin, or easily added to food or drink. However, as with every product and every variation in consumption, the strength, duration, and suitability may vary. People choose to consume different CBD products […]


The Most Asked Questions About CBD

By now, you have probably heard about CBD products and are thinking about trying some of them out. But you may still have unanswered questions about CBD and how to use it. In this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about CBD and try to shed some light on the world of […]


Find Your Perfect Choice Between Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum and CBD Isolate

Nowadays, there is a wide range of CBD products with their own specific features. Effectively understanding the differences between them can help you make a better choice and find the best option to suit your needs. In this article, we will talk about the CBD extraction process and the main types of CBD products, including […]


Weekly News Digest: April 2, 2021

Today, we are starting a new section on our blog. Every Friday, we will post CBD news from all over the world so you would know everything you may be interested in as a CBD consumer. Here we go! Universities across California award $30 million to study economic impacts of cannabis According to the North […]


Ways to Deal with Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are among the most common disorders in the world. Statistics show that more than 10% of adults have some form of anxiety and about one-third of people worldwide report feeling stressed, worried, or angry. There are many activities and situations that make people feel anxious and stressed: work, studies, and financial instability […]


Different Ways to Consume CBD

There are many ways to take CBD products. So how do you find the one that suits you the best? Perhaps the best option is to try out the entire range of products. However, not everyone has this option and the variety of consumption methods can be quite confusing. That’s why in this article, we […]


Best Everyday CBD Recipes

If you simply love the taste of CBD oil and would like to introduce it into your daily meals, here are some easy recipes and tips for combining CBD with food. 1. Can you take CBD with food? Taking CBD as a food supplement is one of the popular ways to consume it. Here are […]


Meeting the Marry Jane team: interview with Ebru Zengin

Today we will start introducing Marry Jane’s team so that our customers can learn a little more about them and what they do. International Women’s Day is traditionally observed by many people around the world on the 8th of March. To celebrate the contribution of our female contingent to the success of the company and […]


Vitamins in CBD

In one of our previous articles, we told about the possible benefits of CBD that can improve your athletic performance. Here, we would like to present you with information about vitamins which are contained in CBD. What is CBD? CBD or cannabidiol is a natural compound, it is hemp-derived and thanks to its complexity it […]


Latest United Nations decision on CBD

Some legislative decisions may cut off the progress of the whole industry, others will open up new doors and give hope for a better future. And fortunately, today we will talk about the second kind of decision that has been made behind the walls of one of the most powerful world organizations — the UN. […]


Is CBD Oil Vegan?

Veganism is not only a special diet but also a peculiar way of life, a kind of philosophy. While veganism is estimated to be one of the biggest food trends in the upcoming years, CBD gets to the point of becoming a top-selling supplement. And there is one common reason why those trends are making […]


ABC’s of CBD E-Liquids

Vaping is on a rise, and the use of e-cigarettes is getting more popular across the world each day. According to some sources, more and more vapers are now choosing CBD-infused e-liquids instead of nicotine e-juice for a reason. Cannabidiol-infused liquids differ from nicotine ones: they are considered as non-addictive, non-psychoactive, non-toxic, and more natural. […]


Interview with Ilias Bulaid (Part 2)

This is the second part of our interview with Ilias Bulaid, a Dutch-Moroccan kickboxer and mixed martial artist. Check out the first part to learn more about Ilias and his experience of taking Marry Jane’s CBD. Ilias, what is your most preferable way of taking CBD? The thing I use the most is CBD drops. […]


Interview with Ilias Bulaid (Part 1)

In one of our previous articles we told you how CBD can increase your athletic performance. Now, we would like to present to you Ilias Bulaid, a Dutch-Moroccan kickboxer and mixed martial artist. Ilias is using our products, so he can tell us his story about Marry Jane CBD’s efficiency. Read the first part of […]


CBD Legal Landscape in Europe

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural chemical compound found in cannabis that can be infused into various products. Studies have shown that CBD-based products can be beneficial to our body in a number of ways such as dealing with stress, anxiety, sleep loss, and more. Appreciatively, the CBD market is estimated to reach over EUR 1.5 billion […]


Growing Popularity of CBD-based Products

The growing popularity of CBD among the general public is due to its various methods of application: from wellness and food supplement to beauty and skincare products. According to the studies, it is a compound that has the potential for dealing with such conditions hard to endure such as anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia. The […]


General CBD Dosage Guide

Since CBD, or cannabidiol, is a fairly new product on the market, there is no information about a strict dosage recommended or regulated by the European Medicines Agency. Usually, the estimated dosage is calculated based on the type of product you are using, so CBD producers provide this information in the instructions. Even though the […]


Why Switzerland Is the CBD Hub of Europe

The Swiss CBD and hemp market has been rapidly growing and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the foreseeable future. When the industry kicked off in 2016, it was worth approximately CHF 60 million (USD 59.5 million). With increasing demand, the CBD market in Switzerland is expected to grow 39% per year. At this […]