Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and CBD – do these go together well?

In recent decades CBD and hemp products are becoming more and more popular, more people are trying to use these cannabis-derived products for their health sake, both mental and physical and get impressive results. 

However, while this topic is still considered new to science and there aren’t too many studies existing, there is a very relevant question popping up, whether CBD is safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. And while it is recommended despite any scientific studies to drop smoking, alcohol, high calorie food, etc, it is still essential to get to the bottom of this question to learn everything you need to know. 

  • What is CBD 

On Marry Jane’s website you may find loads of useful information to learn more about what CBD is and what it can be used for, simply click here to browse through covered topics in our blog section. 

Long story short, CBD is a compound found in Cannabis plant, there can be Marijuana – one type of cannabis plant which contains high THC levels and is known to trigger psychoactive effects, meanwhile hemp – another form of a well-known cannabis plant – contains barely traceable amount of THC(less than 0,2%). Meaning of this, is that the hemp flower can still carry all the positive benefits of the cannabis plant, allowing you to enjoy the nature in a THC freeway, in other words put – without any psychoactivity. 

There are more and more CBD based products appearing daily on every store’s shelf, whether it is cosmetics, dietary supplements, clothes and so on. It is strongly recommended to learn more about the brand you’re getting your CBD products from, to make sure that what is stated on the label is actually true, has been third party lab tested and approved too. 

  • How CBD influences the fetus

Of course, you should be well aware that using any sorts of drugs and products with high THC levels should be avoided all pregnancy long, and breastfeeding period too, best if it would have been avoided while planning by both partners. It is explained by the fact that THC influences our receptors in the brain that are responsible for the creation of the nervous system of the fetus, leading to irreversible brain damage consequences while the fetus is being formed, in simple words – down syndrome, heart disease, backwardness in developments and so on. 

Since we talk here about CBD, and we remember that THC levels are extremely low in CBD products, is it still safe to use it? Will it have mutual influence on the fetus? Because, logically assuming that CBD should be safe for both mother’s health and the baby’s health too, whether in fetus forming state or while breastfeeding. It is still very important to know that there is no scientific study on this matter, therefore it is impossible now to demonstrate the safety of CBD for a pregnant or a breastfeeding individual at the time. 

CBD has shown many great qualities in being therapeutic in so many different ways, so if we can exclude it while pregnant, perhaps we can still use it while breastfeed? 

There are no reported harmful effects whatsoever collected from a pregnant mother, or data about fetus deformation of any kind, as well as any breastfed baby, that has been caused by CBD, but if there aren’t any reported, does it mean it is safe? 

There had been a few studies executed that showed that high doses of CBD in pregnant animals were the cause of reproductive system failure, or that it had caused problems with the male fetuses development. As well as, it is proven that some CBD in a very little form can be transferred to a breastfed infant, and while doses are absolutely minimal, we should keep in mind that the child’s body may be unable to handle such a product, even if it is of a natural origin. 

Another reason for concern is the fact that there are many CBD producers that aren’t very honest about their products, meaning that they hide actual THC levels, which may lead to the fetus being exposed to a very serious risk of health issues. 

Despite the natural origin, CBD has nearly zero side effects, however ‘nearly’ doesn’t mean none. Overdose may happen, and it usually leads to diarrhea, toxicity, sleepiness, dizziness, drowsiness, and so on. 

While there is an active research going on about CBD and pregnancy, it is recommended to avoid using any sort of CBD products while you are conceiving, pregnant and breastfeeding too – internally, such as vaping, smoking, orally, in the food and so on. 

However, there are many ways to use CBD that are absolutely THC-free by Marry Jane, that can be used without intake – like CBD oil added to the cream, shower gel, bath, aroma lamp and so on. It is recommended to ask your doctor before using CBD in any form. 

If you are pregnant and have some issues with muscle soreness, swollenness, joints soreness it may be a reasonable solution to try out the CBD gel, that comes in hot and cold options. 

  • CBD warming gel will make the sore area feel nice and the gentle heat while all the CBD qualities will do it’s job at lowering the inflammation and helping you with the problem, bringing you the relief in quite short time frame, without harming the fetus at any time period of your pregnancy. 
  • Cooling gel on the other hand will bring you the same relief by gently cooling the area of application, leading to immediate lowering of inflammation and soreness. These gels are great for external use, as well as used after sports too, because it is a well-known fact that a healthy pregnancy – is an active pregnancy. 

Please consult your doctor if you have any doubts. 

  • CBD and breastfeeding 

Having a baby is a very serious challenge, alongside all the happiness it may bring, it may also bring serious health issues to the mother, both mental and physical, such as postpartum depression, uterine prolapse, mastitis and so on, and it is very natural to assume that a new mother wishes to take some stress off her plate by using a safe CBD every now and then.  

Right now there is no safety data that can prove that CBD can be friendly to breastfeeding, but there aren’t any that prove the opposite too. 

It is known, however, that both THC and CBD are being transferred to the infant while breastfeeding, whether the mother had been taking products that trigger psychoactivity or used hemp of some sort. It is not yet studied how CBD influences the new baby, but that it is being kept in mother’s milk up to 6 days after use, it definitely a reason to concern any new mother. 

It is very likely to assume that there are more risks than benefits when it comes to breastfeeding and CBD. But the problem is still there, what if this new mother in question is doing her best handling the postpartum depression and those few puffs or drops of CBD oil are the only things that are keeping her together, what to do then? Quit breastfeeding and switch to a formula? And also, there is not much proof of how antidepressants influence the infant in question, therefore, how do we know what is safer? 

It is also a very important thing to consider, that sometimes new mothers can also experience nipple soreness after breastfeeding, and using hemp oil may actually solve the problem. Therefore, it is only recommended to let your doctor know that you wish to add CBD to your daily routine with your new baby and keep it all under your doctor’s control. 

To avoid using CBD with barely traceable THC amounts (less than 0,2%, to learn about the legal side of the question in your country please click here. There are a few options by Marry Jane – products with absolute 0% of THC. According to scientists and modern research, CBD products derived from THC completely can be both safe for mother, whether pregnant or breastfeeding, and for the baby too. 

  • Water Soluble CBD will be a great solution to a breastfeeding mother, without any fear of THC being transferred to your baby, since the product is completely THC free. Add a few drops to your favourite body cream, shower gel, take a nice relaxing bath with a few drops and avoid intaking the drops, and you will feel the delightful relaxation without any stress of harming the baby. 
  • HS light with Vitamin E will also become a great solution for you in times when you need to feel relaxed and present. Use a few drops daily in your favourite skincare routine, add it to an aroma lamp or sprinkle a few drops on the pillow, works like a charm. 
  • MCT drops are also a great alternative to the described above THC-free oils, just use a few drops when massaging, added to any cream, or in any other way you see fit, externally. To enjoy the calming relaxation and stress-free time spent with your beloved ones or simply by yourself. 

Bottom line

  • It is very recommended to not use CBD in any form internally while pregnant or breastfeeding, in terms when it seems not possible, it is strongly recommended to advise your doctor first, or use your favourite CBD in any external form.
  • Always consult your doctor before adding or changing your dietary plan in any way 
  • Always think about the baby’s health in advance
  • Perhaps, while pregnant it is recommended to avoid any CBD products, it may be wise to switch to formula instead of breastfeeding if you wish to add CBD back to your daily routine. 


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