The Best CBD Christmas Gifts for 2022

The Best CBD Christmas Gifts for 2022 - Photo 1

The CBD market is a growing industry that is gaining more and more popularity every year. Moreover, CBD itself has many uses, and the range of products with CBD is wide: from oils to face creams and from edibles to bath bombs. To cut a long story short, there’s something for every taste.

Christmas is getting closer and closer. Many people are trying to find the perfect gifts to make their friends and family the happiest they’ve ever been. Unfortunately, choosing the best gift is not an easy task, so we are here to help. Today’s article presents you with a list of CBD Christmas gifts that could be your best options for 2021. Are you ready? Let’s go!

CBD oils and tinctures


MJ CBD Drops Regular


MJ CBD Watersoluble THC Free

Well, it was a stressful year, wasn’t it? And how can you help soothe your nearest and dearest after such a challenging and emotional year? CBD oils and tinctures could be the solution. And there are many options available to please everyone. At Marry Jane, oils and tinctures are available with different bases (hemp seed or coconut oil), THC content (THC-free and with a minimum amount of THC), CBD content (from 5 to 30% of CBD) and volumes (from 500 to 3000 mg).

Maybe you’re wondering how to use these products? Oh, we have all the answers. The number of ways CBD oils and tinctures can be used is seemingly limitless. Is a loved one or friend a fan of cooking and adores creating delicious salads, cookies and cakes? Or maybe they cannot imagine their morning without an invigorating cup of coffee or tea? If that sounds familiar, oils and tinctures could be the perfect gift for both of them, as these can be added to their favourite foods or drinks. These products will suit anyone who loves relaxing massage sessions, as CBD oils and tinctures can be put on the skin before being rubbed in.

CBD oils and tinctures are universally enjoyed products that can be gifted to those who really need some calmness during this tough pandemic period.

CBD cosmetics


CBD Face Serum


CBD Hand Cream

We all know that skin, the largest organ of our bodies, requires care. Do some of your friends or family members have insecurities about their skin? If you want to help them change that as soon as possible, this section is definitely for you.

Yes, skincare is an essential part of our lives. Since CBD beauty products are relatively new on the market, they are becoming rapidly well-known and are pretty easy to use. They don’t require any additional equipment, so anyone can use them. What types of products are available? There’s a treasure trove of ideas (face mask, face cream, hand cream or face serum) that can be given to those looking for a solid skincare routine as well as those who collect cosmetics or use CBD anyway.

Marry Jane is happy to offer a line of CBD cosmetics with no THC for the face and hands. It can make the receiver’s skincare routine easier, and natural ingredients make it more environmentally friendly. Moreover, the fresh scent of masks, creams and serum will make skincare overall more pleasant. Maybe give a bit of everything to someone you love.

CBD flowers


White Widow CBD Hemp


CBD Flowers Big package

Does one of your friends or family members smoke? If so, this option might be appealing to you as well. CBD flowers are hemp flowers (hemp buds) with low THC (from 0 to 0.3%) and high CBD content (from 18 to 23%). The various strains provided by Marry Jane offer different smells (from strawberry to cheese, from orange to blueberry), so you can find the perfect scent for anyone.

CBD flowers don’t have the so-called psychoactive effect, so there is no need to worry that this product will get someone high. Don’t forget that smoking CBD flowers requires additional equipment like rolling paper or a poppy box, so make sure that your receiver has what is needed, or you will need to purchase it as well.

But CBD flowers can be used for more than smoking. The second option is cooking. Yes, CBD flowers can be added to edibles like butter, cakes or cookies. It can allow your receiver to enjoy CBD while eating delicious desserts during tea or coffee drinking sessions. Have you seen something in the article so far that you think you might like to buy for someone? If so, don’t think a second longer; go grab it!

CBD soap

As people say, the best gift is often a hand-made gift. And CBD soap is one of the best choices out there. It’s the most wonderful CBD gift option for those who love to spend their evenings after a hard day at work in a warm bath. Yes, many people have a tradition or even a ritual of taking a warm or hot bath to relax physically and mentally. This is especially true for people struggling during the pandemic period and looking for ways to de-stress. Various forms and being so easy to use can make CBD soap the best gift.

We all know that the pandemic period has been tough, and it is essential to wash your hands frequently and carefully. For this reason, CBD soap can be not only a gesture of love but a very practical gift.

How can you make CBD soap? It’s not difficult. You can easily find a recipe with the details and super easy-to-follow instructions. Making soap doesn’t require a lot of time and effort, and it’s a fun process too. CBD soap can be added to anyone’s daily skincare routine and will perfectly meet the needs of many skin types.

CBD vape


CBD E-Liquid Original Hemp


CBD Catridge MJ Pod

Does your friend or family member love to vape? Do they always have their vaping pod in their hand while going for a walk, and you can’t imagine them without it? If yes, you should consider CBD vaping as a possible gift for them. Yes, CBD can be used in a vaping form as well. What equipment is required to do so? The full kit for vaping CBD includes a vape pen battery kit, cartridge pod and e-liquid. In our shop, you can purchase all three elements separately or together, as you wish. The package of cartridge pods contains 1 or 3 0.5 ml items filled with the finest vaping oil, of which 50% is CBD. E-liquids are available in 10 and 30 ml bottles and come in different flavours: hemp, strawberry, blueberry and lemon.

Please, keep in mind that it is strongly recommended to use only e-liquids for vaping, not CBD oils. As they have different concentrations, using the latter can destroy a vape pen and cause harmful effects to the health.

Would you like to give your loved ones a handy and modern way to do their vaping sessions? If so, choosing CBD vape is a fantastic idea for a true vaping fan.

CBD merchandise

White Hoodie with Marry Jane Logo                  

What if, for example, your loved one cannot consume CBD for a particular reason, such as possible side effects or would like to infuse it into their life? Or what if they need additional equipment to take CBD? Well, in that case, there is plenty of CBD merchandise to choose from. This makes for a more conventional gift if you aren’t sure of what to get. Pick from comfortable white, black and grey t-shirts; stylish white, black and grey hoodies; and utility black cotton bags and backpacks. We ourselves use these every day, and we know that your friends or family members won’t be disappointed.

As we said before, some ways of taking CBD require additional equipment. Some of these extras are just about ease of use. Black/white and colour rolling papers, as well as a herb grinder and rolling tray, make perfect accessories for true CBD fans.

Would you like to give your loved ones something unique and unusual? Our poppy box can help with that. A set with rolling papers, filter, matches, candy, chewing gum, and a contraceptive is something quirky and interesting that the gift receiver is unlikely to forget.

CBD-infused edibles

Does your loved one have a sweet tooth, and would you like to tickle their fancy by giving them CBD edibles you made yourself? It’s a cool idea that kills two birds with one stone! CBD-infused edibles are pretty popular, so surely this is a great gift idea? There is a wide range of different edibles to choose from: the basic ones are cookies, cakes and brownies. They don’t require the cooking skills of a premium chef and are quite simple to prepare. These edibles may well make a lovely complement to your loved one’s tea or coffee session. And here’s your chance to make them happy with your own CBD dessert.

Wondering about how exactly to make them? No problem, you’re in the right place. We have recipes for CBD-infused cookies, cakes and brownies for you in our blog. Straightforward directions and a short and comprehensive range of ingredients are the secrets to a delicious CBD dessert that is the ideal gift for those who delight in sweet things and CBD.

Final thoughts

With a wide range of 2021 Christmas CBD gifts, everyone can find the perfect solution to make their friends, family and other close ones happy. Please don’t forget to check the local and global legislation on CBD, as it is not the same everywhere and can vary from region to region. Also, don’t forget to consult a medical specialist before taking CBD or adding it to a health plan. And last but not least, remember there are possible side effects that taking CBD can bring. In case you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of professionals is always on hand to help you. Are you ready to get the best possible gifts? You can do it here! Have the best holiday shopping and Merry Christmas!


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