The Ways How to Take CBD Oil

We’re continuing with our series of posts about CBD oil, which is one of the most popular CBD products out there. And today’s edition is all about the different ways you can take CBD oil. This article will give you a complete overview of taking CBD oil, including how to consume this product, as well as how much and how frequently it can be taken.

1. What is CBD oil?

In short, CBD oil is a product that contains a mixture of CBD, flavourings and a carrier oil (coconut or hemp seed oil). CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in the hemp plant.

A prescribed form of CBD can be used for seizure disorders (epilepsy). CBD can also be used to treat problems such as anxiety, pain, dystonia (a muscle disorder), Parkinson’s disease and many other conditions.

However, CBD can cause some side effects, such as a dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness and drowsiness.

2. How to take CBD oil?

There are several ways you can take CBD oil. One method is to put a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue and hold them there for 30-60 seconds. You can also put a couple of drops directly into your mouth or add them to your favourite meal or drink. Another option is to apply CBD oil to your skin and massage it in.

One other frequently asked question is: What is the best time of the day to take CBD oil? The main considerations here are how the body processes and reacts to the oil, for what purpose you are using the oil and whether you use it daily. Some people may experience different effects from taking CBD oil at certain times of the day or under different conditions. Other factors, such as the type of CBD product you use, the amount you take and how often you consume it, can also account for the different reactions.

So, how can CBD oil be used?

  1. To aid post-workout recovery during fitness training.
  2. Before retiring to bed for a more restful night’s sleep.
  3. As an additive to smoothies or cocktails.
  4. To make your own CBD edibles.
  5. During your morning routine, like any supplement, for general well-being.
  6. Topically, in CBD creams and ointments for targeted relief.
  7. To possibly improve the skincare regimen.
  8. Throughout the day for potential instant soothing relief.

3. Ways to take CBD oil at home

These days, CBD oil is available in a wide range of products. That is why there are so many ways to consume CBD oil. In this section, we have listed some of the products in which CBD oil can be taken.

  1. In a tincture

Tinctures are made by extracting the compound from the flowers or leaves of the cannabis plant with liquids such as oil, vinegar, or a mixture of water and alcohol. They can be taken the same way as CBD oil.

  1. In a capsule

This option allows you to control your intake of CBD.

  1. In a smoothie

Adding a few drops of CBD oil to a smoothie can be a perfect complement to your meal at any time of the day.

  1. In coffee

CBD oil can be added to one of the favourite drinks around the world. So start your day with a cup of CBD coffee and get a boost of energy.

  1. In a salad dressing

If you want to add CBD to your cooking routine, a salad dressing could be a perfect solution. You can find a recipe for a delicious one on our blog.

  1. In sweet treats

If you’re into baking, CBD oil can be infused into all kinds of sweet treats, from cookies to large cakes. Don’t have a recipe? Don’t worry. You can find plenty of recipes on our blog.

  1. In a topical rub or balm

CBD oil can be taken topically, and a rub or balm can be a perfect solution for those who want a calming CBD experience during massage sessions.

  1. In a face or skin cream

Another way to apply CBD oil topically is in face or hand creams. It’s no surprise that these parts of our body need special care, something CBD oil can help with.

It’s important to note that some people think CBD oil can be used in a vape pen. But this is a serious misconception as the consistency of CBD oil doesn’t allow it to be used in a vape pen. It will only break the equipment. E-liquids, however, can be used in a vape pen.

4. How much CBD oil should I take each day?

One of the most important things to understand is how much CBD one should be taking and what a suggested dose is based on. Much of this depends on an individual’s body, and there is no official serving size. As you might guess, our weight, metabolism and body chemistry are what determine a lot of this.

So, how do you calculate your personal CBD oil dose? First of all, you need to know your weight. Then, to calculate the optimal CBD oil dose for your weight, you need to use a formula, and depending on the strength you want, the results will vary. The formula for different strengths is as follows:

  • Low strength: 1 mg of pure CBD per 10 pounds (2 mg per 10 kg).
  • Medium strength: 3 mg per 10 pounds (around 7 mg per 10 kg).
  • High strength: 6 mg per 10 pounds (13 mg per 10 kg).

If the effects you experience aren’t what you hoped for, the dose can be changed slightly (increased or decreased) until you achieve the desired result.

According to some sources, there are specific CBD dosages for particular conditions.

Also, remember that there are other factors like gender, personal health status and the purpose of using CBD oil that can have a bearing on how much of it you can take.

It is extremely important to always put your safety first. Even if you are sure you can take CBD oil, it’s better to have a professional medical consultation.

5. How often should I take CBD oil?

Another important point is the frequency of use. Below, we have a few tips for when you start taking CBD oil:

  1. Begin with smaller doses and gradually increase as needed. Then, depending on how your body responds, you can increase your dose slightly until you find the sweet spot.
  2. Take it daily. Many people need to accumulate substances in their system to start seeing the benefits. If you don’t see immediate results, continue taking your daily dose, paying close attention to any changes you feel in your body.

6. Final thoughts

This has been a short guide on how to take CBD oil. So, what is the best CBD dosage for you? Actually, there is no right answer because, as we’ve seen, CBD oil’s effects aren’t universal. Remember that our bodies are different, and each person will require a particular quantity of CBD to take. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact our team of professionals.

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