Using CBD on a daily basis

In our modern world, we are actually surrounded by CBD products. There is a lot of information about CBD, but the information is not of the greatest quality sometimes and may leave you stranded by leaving out more questions than answers. This article will help you find the most important answer: what will happen to your body if you start using CBD on a daily basis? 

What is CBD 

Yes, we have covered this little answer throughout every article in our blog, however, if you are brand new to Marry Jane’s website and wish to learn more, keep reading. 

CBD is a non-psychoactive part of the Cannabis plant, it is THC-free and brings you relaxation instead of unwanted consequences. Marry Jane’s products are THC-free or super low on THC, which means that the risk of psychoactivity of any kind, as well as unwanted positive drug testing equals zero. It is safe, it is organic and it is truly beneficial. 

Always make sure to get your CBD from a reliable supplier, with proper certification and the best if third-party lab tested, which Marry Jane surely has. 

If you’re thinking of adding CBD to your daily routine or whether you’ve been doing it for a while, the answer is: it is going to absolutely influence so many health issues if you are facing any, however, it won’t change your life in the ways you may be expecting. 

CBD may be presented in many forms, such as oils, tinctures, edibles, and so on. Which form you prefer isn’t important, what is important is the dosage and the frequency. 

If you use CBD daily, it may not be that obvious at first to your inner change, but over time the change is going to be indeed drastic. 

5 reasons to use CBD daily 

  • Pain and chronic pain dissolves 

People often add CBD to help handle chronic pain or pain of any sort: arthritis, vaginismus, migraine, unknown origin of any type of pain, and so on. CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system, by forcing the right receptors to produce hormones that are responsible for “pain killing”. Instead of taking pills, it is better to use CBD daily, boost your hormonal system to produce a pain-killing effect naturally, release such hormones into your blood flow, and voila – the pain will be gone over time completely. 

For example, if the pain is external like a swollen joint, or spread muscle you can use one of two: warming or cooling sports gel by Marry Jane. Fast and nearly immediate pain relief follows after gently massaging the sore area, so that you can proceed with doing whatever it is you were doing, or visit a gym, go hiking, even have sex, and so on. 

Another quick way to get pain relief of any origin is to vape or smoke a CBD joint. Marry Jane has wondrous options for both kinds, whether it is flavoured E-liquids of all sorts of flowers: pre-rolled or natural. Just read the descriptions of the flavours and enjoy the dense smoke and rich aroma of natural products. 

  • Lowered anxiety 

CBD is oftentimes used as a natural anxiety handler and is quite successful at handling such as social anxiety, sexual anxiety, eating anxiety, overworking anxiety, and other conditions you may be experiencing daily. CBD provides mild and natural relaxation, leading to anxiety levels being lowered over time or removed completely. 

CBD gently mellows out your nervous system leading to a very safe, relaxed, and really peaceful state of mind. 

You will most likely become less anxious and more relaxed during your daytime and night time too, and in the long period, it will help you manage it. 

You can try out various forms of CBD before finding your favourite, however, you may as well start with CBD oils presented by Marry Jane of different concentrations and formulas will definitely be easy to find the one you fancy. Try adding CBD oils to your body cream, bathtub, morning glass of water, even shampoo, or any other way you find nice. 

If you feel like you need the anxiety to disappear as fast as the wind, then try out smoking. This is the most well-known way to get rid of anxiety, whether sharing a cigarette with someone or taking a few puffs before going out somewhere. 

  • Depression 

Any depression state may improve by taking CBD on a daily basis. More than 350 million people are suffering from depression worldwide, and while many are prescribed medication, do some meditation, and do other stuff that may work, it is scientifically proven that CBD helps cure depression fast and effectively. *Please do not treat medical depression with CBD, instead consult with your doctor. 

However, other depressive states are pretty much cured by CBD or at least go into the abyss. 

Here you can also check out the CBD oils, maybe try out the THC-free water-soluble options or try vaping. Whether you are going to be busy applying oil onto your skin, cooking a meal with it, or inserting the cartridge into your vape, you’ll already feel how depression slowly and safely fades.


Such as epilepsy, going through chemo, or even preventative for cancer and Alzheimer’s are all influenced by CBD. It is also known that CBD helps lose weight as well as maintain it at a healthy for you level, it also helps make the sleeping schedule better and also brings back the eating habits to the new norm. 

By using CBD daily you will keep all the unwanted feelings at bay, whether it is nausea, migraine, arthritis, seizures, and so on. By adding CBD to your skincare routine, your skin over time whether in your face or body will start glowing – whether it is cured of acne or even stretch marks. The blood pressure in your arteries will go down, as well as any heart conditions will improve, leading to better sex life as well. The depressive thoughts and anxiety that were clouding your mind will lift off gently, bringing you the inner peace you have been so desperately desiring to have. 

After adding CBD to your daily routine, your sleeping schedule goes back to normal, and your social skills are back on the right track, you’ll know that everything you have been doing with CBD is absolutely right and natural for you. 


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