Weekly News Digest: 24 September 2021

Another Friday is upon us, which means a new edition of Marry Jane’s Weekly News Digest is here! As usual, we have seven top CBD and CBD-related news stories for you to enjoy. And the milestone for today’s article is September 24, 2021. So, get ready, because we’re starting right now!

1. Most Isle of Man electoral candidates support cannabis reform

Our first stop this week is the Isle of Man. According to the source, members of Garff (a sheading of the island) discussed a number of issues at an open meeting before the upcoming elections in the lower house of Tynwald, the parliament of the Isle of Man, which is called House of Keys. The island’s position on cannabis was one of the issues raised at the meeting. Opinions varied, but the key takeaway was that there should be consultations (public and professional) for further discussion on the decriminalisation of cannabis.

2. Scientific Association of Italian Pharmacists organises first online course to train healthcare professionals in medical cannabis

In Italy, the first online course on medical cannabis has been organised under the patronage of the Scientific Association of Italian Pharmacists (ASFI). “Therapeutic Cannabis the Spark of Change” is designed as a scientific study for all professionals interested in the therapeutic potential of cannabis. The aim of the course is to explore the critical value that exists in Italy in relation to medical cannabis by providing ideas for innovation in a sector impacted by outdated regulatory interpretations.

3. Denver will vote to raise cannabis taxes to fund pandemic research this year

Let’s see what is happening in the United States. Denver voters will soon decide whether to increase the local cannabis tax to fund research related to the pandemic. The vote on raising taxes will take place this November, and the main reason for the change is to fund programmes that narrow the education gap for low-income students.

4. Nevada veterinarians will soon be allowed to treat animal patients with certain cannabis products

Starting from October 2021, veterinarians licensed in the state of Nevada can recommend and dispense hemp and cannabidiol products containing no more than 0.3% THC without fear of sanctions from the state licensing board. We recall that earlier this year, Nevada became the first state to legalise the use of cannabinoids as a veterinary treatment.

5. California releases new emergency cannabis rules

In California, the state’s Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) has published its proposed emergency cannabis regulations. In addition to the emergency regulations, the DCC has also published a revised set of Disciplinary Guidelines. The new rules concern restrictions on cultivation licenses for growing in connecting rooms and issues involving owners and financial interest holders. If approved, the proposed regulations will take effect at the end of September. In the coming months, following the completion of the emergency rulemaking process, additional work is expected to further improve the rules for commercial cannabis.

6. Canadian cannabis industry leaders analyse factors that will shape next phase of it

Last month, an event called Canadian Cannabis: What’s Next? took place online and sparked an interesting discussion amongst industry leaders. As representatives from the field mentioned, a new stage in the Canadian cannabis sector called the sink-or-swim-or-consolidation phase is coming or has already come. Other delegates said that the system serving Canadian cannabis patients was in need of change. Cannabis regulations are also currently being reassessed, and this was welcomed as a positive development.

7. New review finds medical cannabis may be safe and effective for treating fibromyalgia

In a new review by a team of researchers from the California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology, the authors analysed 22 recent research articles that examined the use of cannabis to treat symptoms of fibromyalgia, a disorder characterised by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood disorders. In these articles, they found several general limitations, namely issues related to dosage and standardisation of treatment regimens. Overall, however, these studies provided evidence supporting the use of medical cannabis as a pain reliever for fibromyalgia with few side effects. Besides the promising results supporting the possible use of medical cannabis for the treatment of pain associated with fibromyalgia, the authors also recommended additional trials to evaluate the effect of different THC:CBD ratios on pain and to assess the associated dose-response.

Final thoughts

Our Weekly News Digest has come to an end, but the weekend is only getting started. We hope you spend it in the best way possible. We also want to inform you that starting from this edition News Digests will be published each month, and our set of top news highlights will find you already at the end of October. See you soon!

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