Weekly News Digest: 6 August 2021

Welcome to the next edition of Weekly News Digest. We have compiled the top seven news highlights from the CBD and CBD-related world for you. Enjoy the end of the workweek and the start of the coming weekend with us.

1. New amendments may delay Greek medical cannabis bill until next year

Let’s start today in Southern Europe. Greek businesses are gearing up for amendments to the country’s laws that will allow for the cultivation, sale and export of medical products with high THC content. It was expected that the Greek president would approve the bill within six months after it was passed in May this year. However, there are currently some delays in the process, and a number of amendments have been proposed that have yet to be finalised. It is hoped that this bill dealing with the production and exploitation of medicinal cannabis will activate the investment plans of the licensed schemes.

2. Guernsey permits medicinal cannabis cultivation

Guernsey, an island in the English Channel, has given businesses the green light to apply to grow cannabis for medicinal purposes. The island’s government has signed a memorandum of understanding with the UK Home Office allowing cannabis cultivation in Guernsey if licensed. The processing of cultivation applications will be overseen by the new Bailiwick of Guernsey Cannabis Agency. Successful applicants will be permitted to grow cannabis crops with high THC content.

3. State of California creates Department of Cannabis Control

In an effort to centralise and simplify regulatory and licensing supervision of the cannabis market, the State of California has created the Department of Cannabis Control or DCC, which brings together three of the state’s cannabis programs. The steady growth of California’s cannabis industry has necessitated the establishment of a centralised regulatory body. The creation of the DCC is a positive step towards a manageable system that will provide members with adequate access to resources and a better understanding of the processes involved in owning and managing a California-based cannabis business.

4. Amazon is officially lobbying for cannabis

Two weeks ago, we reported that Apple had allowed cannabis companies to be listed on the App Store. And today’s piece of news is about Amazon. The company has spent 5 million US dollars in the second quarter of 2021 lobbying for the cannabis industry. Interestingly, Amazon has never before lobbied for the legalisation of the plant. At least 22 cannabis-related interests were registered for lobbying in the first half of 2021, double the number that registered to lobby last year.

5. Congress of Peru has approved the cultivation of medicinal cannabis

In Peru, Congress has passed legislation allowing for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis and state-regulated associative cultivation. By a vote of 100 in favour, zero against and four abstentions, lawmakers expanded the scope of the law, which will regulate medicinal cannabis in the country. The bill will allow 1) people registered with the National Registry of Cannabis Consumers (or their representatives) to form associations and obtain a licence to grow the plant; 2) guaranteed access to cannabis for patients who need it, at no cost; 3) associative cultivation to be regulated by the State of Peru; 4) criminalisation of patients and relatives who today already grow their own derivatives of the plant to be ended.

6. Study on CBD treatment for heart failure to be conducted in Brazil

Heart failure is the leading cause of cardiovascular death in Brazil, accounting for 27% of deaths in the country. It should be remembered that patients with heart failure often lack breathing capacity to carry out simple daily activities, which reduces their quality of life. In search of an adjuvant therapy to precisely improve the well-being of these patients, the Heart Institute (InCor) of the Clinical Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Sao Paulo (FMUSP) is developing a scientific study on CBD. The goal is to investigate whether CBD oil can improve the clinical and psychological well-being of patients.

7. Athletes at Tokyo Olympics will not be able to use CBD

As we mentioned in our blog articles, the World Anti-Doping Agency has removed CBD from its list of banned substances. Some athletes, including Olympic medalists, have reported that they are taking CBD. However, with Japan’s strict cannabis laws, they will need to leave their CBD regimen at home.

Final thoughts

These are our top seven news highlights from the CBD and CBD-related world from this past week. Hopefully, you are now up to date with the industry’s most important headlines, and keep in mind that only legal use of CBD products and related items is supported at Marry Jane. Stay tuned and remember to follow our blog.

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