Weekly News Digest: August 27, 2021

It’s Friday, dear readers. Which means? You’re right! Today we present you with the next edition of the weekly news digest. Unfortunately, this is the last edition for summer 2021. However, there’s no need to be sad as we are here for you throughout the year. So, let’s find out which news highlights from the previous week might interest you, whether you are new to the CBD world or not.

1. Dutch Ministry of Health announces 1.4 million euros for medical research on cannabis for epilepsy

This week’s digest starts in the Netherlands, where the country’s Ministry of Health announced the future provision of a 1.4 million euros grant to research the effectiveness of medical cannabis products in treating intractable epilepsy in children. The grant will be open to researchers who intend to conduct relevant research into whether medical cannabis products can reduce the frequency or severity of seizures in children with treatment-resistant epilepsy.

2. Neurologists in Ireland have raised concerns about the government’s programme for medical access to cannabis

We now move on to Ireland. Numerous neurologists and patient organisations have written to the country’s health secretary, Stephen Donnelly, expressing concern over the products available under the medical cannabis programme, citing fears that they are inappropriate and potentially harmful. According to the Irish Times, not only is there no evidence to support the use of THC for epilepsy, but there are also serious concerns about its psychiatric and cognitive effects, especially when used in children.

3. Medical cannabis sales in Missouri continue to grow

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, we look at what has been happening in the United States. As the source states, monthly cannabis sales in the US state of Missouri topped 20 million US dollars for the first time in July. Missourians with any of nearly two dozen eligible conditions can purchase medical cannabis with a doctor’s certificate. Physicians can also certify patients with other chronic and debilitating conditions based on their belief that a patient could be helped.

4. Michigan spends 20 million US dollars in cannabis revenue on medical cannabis research for veterans with PTSD

State officials from another state in the country, Michigan, have announced that a few research projects, funded by 20 million US dollars in tax revenue from Michigan’s cannabis adult-use programme, will analyse the impact of medical marijuana on military veterans. About 13 million US dollars will be spent studying the effectiveness of cannabis in treating illnesses among US military veterans and in preventing veteran suicide, while another seven million will be spent studying how cannabis can treat a variety of mental health disorders, including PTSD, anxiety, sleep disturbances, depression and suicidality.

5. Colorado hemp production plan gets federal government approval

Let’s now take a look at Colorado, where regulators from the United States Department of Agriculture have approved a cannabis management plan that will regulate the state’s large crop growing industry and ensure that businesses there continue to operate in accordance with federal law. Colorado officials presented their latest cannabis management plan to the USDA in June, after working with the federal regulatory agency for nearly a year and a half in drafting the final cannabis rule, issued in January this year. Their feedback on the earlier draft regulations led to changes by the federal government.

6. Colombia’s cannabis industry enters second growth phase following recent approval of flower exports

So what has been happening in South America? Colombia is now entering its second phase of cannabis development after the first one when licensing laws were passed in 2017. This new phase will not only allow for the export of quality homegrown flowers for medical use and research and development, but will also unlock them for commercial use in Colombia. Previously, the country was limited to cosmetic products and essential medicines.

7. According to a new study, CBD can help treat exhaustion in healthcare workers

The scientific world is also moving full steam ahead. As per the latest study by researchers at the Ribeirão Preto Medical School University Hospital, CBD has shown significant reductions in the rates of emotional exhaustion, depression and anxiety in healthcare workers. Also, CBD has been found to significantly reduce emotional exhaustion, depression and anxiety, which may be very important for the modern realities of the work of medical staff heroically helping people in the fight against COVID-19.

Final thoughts

This is the end of today’s weekly news digest. We wish you the happiest finish to the summer and that you stay in the best mood you can!

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