Weekly News Digest: July 16, 2021

Welcome to the next edition of Marry Jane’s weekly news digest. Today, we bring you seven top news highlights from the world of CBD and all things related. Here we go!

Most Swiss support the legalisation of cannabis

Our journey begins in Switzerland. According to a survey, most Swiss people agree with the idea of legalising cannabis for recreational purposes on condition that rules for the protection of minors are respected. About 70% of the respondents considered it important to reform cannabis laws in Switzerland. The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health reports that nearly two-thirds of the people surveyed want the minimum age for consumption to be set at eighteen years.

A study on the use of cannabis to cleanse soils is being conducted in Belgium

Moving up north, we have news from Belgium. The Catholic University of Louvain is currently conducting a study on cannabis’ potential to purify soil contaminated by heavy metals. “Hemp accumulates heavy metals in its aerial parts and sets up resistance strategies in the face of a polluted environment,” reads a press release from the university. The study has a very important practical application. “In Europe, 137,000 square km of agricultural land are contaminated with heavy metals, and therefore, unsuitable for use for food,” notes the university. We are monitoring the situation closely and will keep you informed of the results of the study.

Andorra to study opportunities to grow cannabis for medicinal uses

And now, it’s time to move further south. In Andorra, the country between France and Spain, Andorra Research and Innovation and the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA) have signed a technical advisory agreement to analyse and define a model for the cultivation and industrial transformation of medicinal cannabis in the country. The work will take about four months and will include a pilot project that takes into account the actions to define a basic structure for the production of medicinal cannabis extracts and the necessary infrastructure.

North Carolina cannabis bill awaits further action by state senators

Let’s cross the ocean and head to the United States. North Carolina’s Senate committee has begun taking action on a cannabis law. This bill will legalise medical marijuana as it has been amended and is expected to reach the commission’s approval stage at a later date. Under this bill, patients will be able to access medical marijuana if they have a “debilitating disease” such as cancer, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, or multiple sclerosis.

Michigan regulatory authorities withdraw 10,000 cannabis edibles due to an inspection error

In further news from the US, Michigan authorities have issued a mandatory recall order for 10,000 hemp products after they were found to have passed unauthorised testing. An investigation by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) is still ongoing and may lead to further recalls. In its revocation notice, the MRA recommended that all consumers who own these products return them to the retailer from whom they were purchased for proper disposal. At Marry Jane, we strongly encourage you to be a watchful consumer and check all the test results of CBD products you are taking.

Paraguay to provide patients with free access to medicinal cannabis products

And now, a highlight from South America. CBD drops received by Paraguay’s Minister of Public Health, Dr. Julio Borba, will be used as an alternative therapy by the CAMEDPAR Parents Association – Medicinal Cannabis Paraguay. It should be remembered that the State promotes the production and industrialisation of products derived from the cannabis plant, exclusively for medicinal, therapeutic or research purposes. This production will be aimed at guaranteeing free access for patients included in the National Registry of Cannabis Derived Products.

Mauritius could authorise CBD for medical purposes

Today, we are finishing in Africa. In Mauritius, the country’s Ministry of Health will soon report back on their work to legalise CBD. Only CBD is being considered on the island in the Indian Ocean. If Mauritius does authorise it, its use will be highly regulated. The technical committee has compiled a precise list of pathologies that can be treated with CBD. Experts are also considering a licensing system, although the outlines have not yet been defined. Finally, doctors will not be able to write just any prescription: each practitioner will only be able to recommend CBD if it is within their medical competence.

Final thoughts

This is the full picture of last week in the CBD and CBD-related world. We hope that you found this edition of the weekly news digest informative. Keep following our blog for more interesting information, stay safe and enjoy your summer!

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