Weekly News Digest: July 2, 2021

Today is Friday, so it’s time for our Weekly News Digest. Our team of professionals have gathered seven recent news stories from the world of CBD for you. Fasten your seatbelts and here we go.

1. The Irish government will cover the costs of cannabis-based treatment for patients with intractable epilepsy

Our first stop is the European continent. Patients in the Republic of Ireland will now be able to receive medical cannabis on a prescription for the first time. “This marks a milestone achievement for Ireland,” Eugene Kenny, MP for Dublin Midwest and longtime campaigner on the issue, said while adding that it is giving hope to many “desperate families”, some of whom are turning to other markets, including the black market, in an attempt to provide treatment for their children, who are suffering from conditions such as epilepsy.

2. Political parties in Portugal propose a law to legalise cannabis for adults in parliament

The two political parties in Portugal, the Left Bloc and the Liberal Initiative, presented proposals to legalise adult cannabis use in the country. Both parties are essentially proposing to legalise the cultivation, distribution, purchase, storage and consumption of adult cannabis (plant or derivative). “Self-cultivation” for personal use will also be allowed if a bill is passed, with no more than five or six plants per house. The main differences between the bills are control of the entire cycle of cultivation, production and distribution and product pricing. The voting on the documents will be scheduled for late July or this autumn.

3. Research shows that cannabis users from 18 to 23 experience more suicidal thoughts

The study conducted by scientists from the United States’ National Institute on Drug Abuse showed that whether the person was depressed or not, daily and non-daily cannabis use was associated with a higher prevalence of suicidal thoughts, planning and trying in the past year among people between 18 and 23. About 12% of adults between the ages of 18 and 23 have experienced suicidal ideation in the past year; this share fell to 8.2% among those aged 24 to 29 and to 5.3% among those aged 30 to 34.

4. Connecticut legalises recreational cannabis

Ned Lamont, the Governor of Connecticut, signed the state recreational cannabis law, which effectively legalised marijuana from July 1. According to the law, an adult 21 and older can have up to 42.5 grams of marijuana flowers or 7.5 grams of cannabis concentrate for themselves. Up to 142 grams of flowers or 25 grams of concentrate is allowed in a secured home or vehicle.

5. The Governor’s signed bill will expand Texas’ limited medical cannabis program

One more piece of news from the United States. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill to modestly expand the state’s limited medical marijuana program. The legislation adds cancer and PTSD to the list of conditions with which patients are entitled to legal access to cannabis. It also doubles the allowed THC concentration from 0.5% to 1%.

6. Israel will begin discussions on the legalisation of cannabis after the election of its new prime minister

The government led by Naftali Bennett is sworn in, and, at least in theory, a real cannabis change is expected in Israel, and that could happen in the coming months. One sign of the expected changes is that the new drug committee will be chaired by Ram Shefa of the Labor Party, a prominent proponent of legalisation. In the new government, the drug committee will not only be friendly to the legalisation initiative but will support figures in other roles. We are monitoring the situation.

7. Fibromyalgia patients swap opioids for CBD to relieve pain, a study says

The study conducted by the University of Michigan showed that patients living with chronic fibromyalgia pain syndrome switch opioids for CBD to relieve pain with fewer side effects. The researchers focused on 878 people with fibromyalgia who said they had used CBD. They found that over 70% of people with fibromyalgia who used CBD replaced CBD with opioids or other pain relievers, and many reported that they either reduced their use or stopped taking opioids and other pain relievers as a result.

Final thoughts

Marry Jane regularly provides you with a portion of fresh news in the CBD world, so keep following our blog and get the best highlights of the news every Friday. Take care and see you soon!

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