Weekly News Digest: July 9, 2021

Summer is in full swing, and we welcome you to July’s second edition of the Weekly News Digest here in Marry Jane’s blog. Today, we will tell you about the seven top news highlights for the last seven days that may be interesting to you as a CBD product consumer. Let’s go and enjoy your reading!

1. UN calls to ban advertising of cannabis

Traditionally, we start with local news from the European continent; however, today, let’s begin with a global piece. In its new report, the United Nations calls for a comprehensive global ban on advertising cannabis products. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) argues that such a ban will “ensure that public health interests prevail over business interests”.

2. The first license for inhalation medicinal cannabis extracts granted in Germany

Moving on to the local news. Starting with Europe and particularly Germany. The first license from the German authorities to market and distribute medicinal cannabis extracts for inhalation has been given. “We look forward to making our high-quality inhaled extracts available to patients in other European countries, and we are in the process of registering them using the appropriate regulatory methods,” Dr. Dadi Segal, founder and CEO of a company said after receiving the license.

3. Amendments to Lithuanian cannabis law could open up a 100 million euro market

Now, let’s go to the Baltic states. The Seimas of Lithuania (the upper house of the country’s parliament) passed, by an overwhelming majority, a series of amendments clearly indicating the intention to allow the production and sale of products from all parts of the hemp plant. While specific rules are to be developed over the next year, full legalisation of industrial hemp could boost the industry’s sales to 100 million euros once the situation clears up, proponents of the law said.

4. Rhode Island Senate approves legalisation of cannabis for adults

The next piece of news is from the United States. The Rhode Island Senate approved the legalisation of recreational cannabis use for adults, the first time that any house of state legislatures voted in favour of a cannabis legalisation bill. The proposal was made by Senator Joshua Miller, a Democrat from Cranston who heads the House Committee on Health and Human Services. Nowadays, there are 19 regions in the United States (18 states and Washington D.C.) that have legalised cannabis for adults over 21.

5. Cannabis sales in Canada up 74% in April

According to statistics for Canadian April retail sales, cannabis sales rose slightly compared to March. 309.7 million Canadian dollars in sales rose 3.8%, following a 14% increase in March after two consecutive 6% declines at the start of the year and a 73.6% increase from a year ago, an improvement over the previous year with an increase of 65.1% year on year.

6. Reforms in Ecuador give an opportunity for companies to switch to cannabis cultivation

Let’s move to South America. In Ecuador, a nine-hectare rose plantation will be converted for planting cannabis at scale. The planting and harvesting of non-psychoactive cannabis and industrial hemp were endorsed in Ecuador after the reforms made to the Penal Code. After that, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Agriculture issued regulations for the issuance of seven types of licenses, which allow commercial activities with hemp and cannabis.

7. Opening of Hong Kong’s first CBD restaurant

And we would like to finish with gastronomic news. Chef Koalmin Yung launched a new CBD menu at his central Med Chef restaurant. Hong Kong’s first seating restaurant featuring CBD dishes will offer first courses including fried lamb shanks, shrimp tacos with mango salsa and fried black cod with eggs Benedict, as well as other cannabidiol-infused dishes. “Hong Kong residents are very familiar with anxiety and insomnia. As a result, the population has created a thriving market for wellness products. We wanted to do something unique and different,” Yung said. We would like to add that it is not the first CBD restaurant in Asia. Besides Hong Kong, only Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has famous spots for CBD-infused drinks and snacks.

Final thoughts

This is the Weekly News Digest by Marry Jane as of July 9. Enjoy your summer and keep an eye on the hottest news highlights in the CBD world. In case you have any further questions for our team of professionals, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always on hand to help you. See you on our blog for more interesting content, and take care.

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