Weekly News Digest: June 18, 2021

It’s Friday today, so welcome to another edition of Weekly News Digest by Marry Jane. As usual, we will present you with the highlights of the CBD world this week. Enjoy reading!

Italian Ministry of Health publishes cannabis cultivation guidance

Let’s start our digest in Italy. The Ministry of Health in the country issued guidelines for the cultivation of industrial hemp. This is hemp from certified seeds of varieties allowed by European legislation for the supply of leaves and inflorescences to pharmaceutical workshops authorised to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA). “The Central Drug Enforcement Administration (UCS) grants agricultural companies permission to grow cannabis plants from certified seeds of varieties permitted by EU legislation, for the purpose of transferring the original plant material, i.e. cannabis leaves and flowers, exclusively for workshops authorised to produce extracts containing cannabidiol, for use in the manufacture of medicines,” said Filippo Gallinella, deputy of the M5S and president of the Montecitorio Agriculture Commission.

Medical cannabis use in Luxembourg nearly tripled last year

Moving on to Luxembourg. According to the country’s Ministry of Health report, doctors in Luxembourg prescribed 140 kg of cannabis for medical use last year, which is nearly three times more than in 2019. In June 2018, parliament approved the use of cannabis for medical purposes (for example, to help cancer patients fight nausea during chemotherapy) for certain patients. Medical cannabis is still only available in Luxembourg as dried flowers, but cannabis oil extracts will be added to the therapeutic arsenal from this year.

NFL and NFLPA will provide funding for research in pain management, including medical cannabis

In one of our previous digests, we informed you about medical cannabis reform in the National Football League. Now, the NFL Pain Relief Committee and the NFL Players’ Association will provide 1 million US dollars to fund research into pain relief and cannabinoids. Up to five grants are expected to be awarded on Thanksgiving Day. We are keeping an eye on the situation.

Louisiana is pushing for a smokable cannabis bill

Here is the local news from the United States. A new cannabis bill will allow Louisiana patients to legally smoke medicinal cannabis. The House of Representatives gave its final approval to the medicinal flowers bill, beating it 76 to 17. This particular bill will soon go to the governor’s table. At the same time, the Senate is also due to consider a separate decriminalisation proposal soon. Under this specific bill, possession of up to half an ounce of cannabis will carry a 100 US dollars fine.

Washington announces cannabis raffle as part of a state-approved vaccine campaign

COVID-19 vaccination is spreading throughout the world. In this situation, some territories are trying to entice citizens to get vaccinated in different ways. In Washington, the state’s liquor and cannabis board has announced that, in order to support coronavirus vaccinations, it will temporarily allow state-licensed cannabis retailers to provide a free co-dose of the vaccine for adults who have received their first or second dose of vaccine at the clinic’s retail outlet. The campaign is called “Joints for jabs” and is taking place from June 7 to July 12.

Argentina is taking another step towards securing community production of medicinal cannabis

The province of Santa Fe registered its high-CBD cannabis oil produced by the Industrial Pharmaceutical Laboratory (LIF) and received authorisation from the National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) to import the active ingredients from California. They hope that, if the planned times are met, in two months, they could finish the first batch of oils. The Santafesina Science Agency will invest 45 million pesos in developing research on cannabis, health and the bioeconomy. However, the most important thing is the objective of this production: its destination to the provincial public hospitals and to the Autárquico Provincial Institute of Social Work (IAPOS), the social work of Santa Fe, for its medical prescription.

China wants to ban synthetic cannabinoids

Synthetic cannabinoids are manufactured in a laboratory. Often, the stronger effect of chemical cannabinoids carries with it a very high health risk. Overdose can be easily fatal. China is the first country in the world to want to regulate all synthetic cannabinoids. The special decree would also prohibit new variants, the composition of which has not yet been regulated. With the ruling, which is due to take effect on July 1, all synthetic cannabinoids will be added to the list of banned substances.

Final thoughts

That’s it. We hope that this edition of Weekly News Digest can offer you more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the current situation in the CBD world. Follow our blog and keep up with the latest news in the industry. See you soon!

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