Weekly News Digest: May 21, 2021

Today is Friday, which means another edition of our traditional Weekly News Digest. As usual, we will inform you of the latest news surrounding CBD, here we go!

A German state loosens cannabis ban

In Baden-Württemberg, a state in Germany, possession of up to ten grams of cannabis is to be assessed for personal use in future. Conversations between The Greens and the Christian Democratic Union of Germany have agreed to raise the limit on how many grams of cannabis are considered to be a small amount. Currently, the limit is six grams. By the way, in Berlin and Bremen, storage of 10 to 15 grams is considered acceptable for personal use.

Medicinal cannabis legalisation in Nebraska stopped

The next piece of news is from the United States. On the 12th of May 2021, the members of the Nebraska Legislature debated a bill to legalise medical cannabis in the state. However, after many hours of discussion, they did not get enough votes to succeed. For now, this means Nebraska will remain one of the last states in the USA without any legal access to medical cannabis.

President of Suriname installs a working group to implement industrial hemp cultivation framework

Let’s move on to the south of the globe. The president of the Suriname, Chan Santokhi, installed the “Implementation Industrial Hemp Cultivation” working group. This small country (the smallest in South America) wants its population to benefit from the worldwide rise of CBD. The working group will have three months to finalize and implement the institutional, as well as legal and regulatory framework of industrial hemp cultivation. Legalisation of CBD and cannabis is gaining momentum in this region, as the near island of Saint Lucia is going to legalize cannabis.

Argentina purchases medical cannabis for the first time for patients without health insurance

More news from South America. Argentina’s Ministry of Health made the first public procurement of medicinal cannabis oil. As part of the deal, Argentina’s healthcare portfolio will acquire 1,800 bottles of cannabidiol oil from 66.3 million Argentine pesos (around 577 thousand euros) invested in this process. The specifications state that the oil will be used to treat refractory epileptic encephalopathies and will be available to patients without health insurance. Delivery will be carried out in three stages.

Medicinal cannabis research gets 1.5 million US dollars for cancer treatment symptoms

Arguably, this is the most important piece of news today. A new study from the University of Adelaide in Australia will examine the use of personalized dosages of medicinal cannabis to prevent common and serious symptoms of advanced cancer treatments. Thanks to the Federal Government for funding of 1.5 million US dollars. Professor Anton Middelberg, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President of Research of the University states, “This funding announcement allows our researchers to deliver on our health priority and to potentially improve the quality of life of those undergoing cancer treatment.” We are hoping that the research will have a positive and practical effect on CBD influence to cancer symptoms treatment.

Final thoughts

This is the latest news in the CBD and CBD-related world as of the 21st of May. Stay tuned to get more curious content and don’t forget to follow our Weekly News Digest every Friday. Have a great weekend!

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