Weekly News Digest: May 7, 2021

We welcome you to the first May edition of our Weekly News Digest. Let’s highlight some news stories from the CBD and CBD-related world that may interest you. Here we go!

1. In Portugal, association defends access to medical cannabis in hospitals

Let’s start our journey on the west coast of the European continent. Lusa Soraia Tomás, the president of the Portuguese Cannabis Information Association (APCANNA) has advocated for increased distribution of cannabis medicines. According to Soraia Tomás, cannabis may contribute to the health and quality of life of patients. “I do not consider cannabis to be a cure for all pathologies, but it is an extremely important tool due to its therapeutic potential and minor side effects compared to other commonly prescribed drugs,” said the APCANNA president.

2. US president supports the right of states to legalise cannabis

We just couldn’t miss this breaking news. President Joe Biden has declared that he supports the right of every single state in the country to take their own decisions regarding the legalisation of cannabis. The president also expressed his support for the legalisation of medicinal marijuana. According to Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, “Researchers can study its positive and negative effects.” We are following the situation in the US and you will see that practically every week we will bring you CBD-related news from one of the country’s states.

3. Wisconsin Senate majority leader says cannabis legalisation will not happen in the state

As we’ve mentioned before, almost every week we bring you news about attitudes toward cannabis in different states across the US. Today it’s the turn of Wisconsin. Devin LeMahieu, the leader of the state’s Senate majority, has said that legalisation of cannabis in Wisconsin is unlikely to happen. According to the leader, there is not enough caucus support across the board to be able to move forward.

4. A study has found that using CBD for pain relief is more than the placebo effect

A study by Syracuse University has shown that the pain relief experienced when taking CBD has two aspects: psychological and pharmacological. According to this source, until recently, there were still no experimental studies designed to evaluate whether CBD is more effective than a placebo for pain relief. Martin De Vita, the study’s author, said, “We found improvements in pain measures caused by the pharmacological effects of CBD and the psychological effects of just expecting that they had gotten CBD. It was pretty remarkable and surprising.” Regardless, more research to prove the true benefits of CBD is still needed.

5. Cannabis companies eyeing carbon footprint labels on their products

Some articles on our blog touch on the subject of the connection between hemp production and the environment. Many hemp-related companies understand the importance of sustainable production and the effects it has on the environment. According to Derek Smith, executive director of the Resource Innovation Institute, they will develop a label to certify that a product was made in compliance with modern carbon emission reduction requirements. Companies will be able to place these on their products. The system is scheduled to be ready next year.

Final thoughts

That’s all for the top news highlights from the CBD and CBD-related world that we thought would be of interest to you this Friday. Stay with us and don’t miss our regular Weekly News Digest every Friday and daily articles on various interesting topics.

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