Weekly News Digest: September 3, 2021

Dear readers, welcome to the first autumn 2021 edition of Marry Jane’s Weekly News Digest. The seasons may be changing, but one thing remains the same: seven hot news stories from the CBD and CBD-related world that we’ve rounded up for you. Are you ready? Let’s get going!

1. Almost a third of the UK population agrees cannabis should no longer be illegal, poll finds

Our journey today begins in the United Kingdom. Almost a third (32%) of people in the country agree that selling and possessing cannabis should no longer be illegal, according to the latest YouGov poll, up 3% from the previous survey in February. Overall, 54% said they would support some kind of reform of cannabis policy in the UK. At the same time, the number of people opposed to legalisation or decriminalisation has fallen sharply. Compared to 40% of respondents in February, only 36% now support the ongoing criminalisation of the possession, sale and use of cannabis.

2. Leading Italian oncologist says cannabis is an “integral part” of cancer treatment

We now move to the south. In an interview, Dr. Attilio Calvanese, medical director of Palliative Care and Pain Therapy at San Gennaro Hospital in Naples, said that cannabis can be an integral part of the treatment of cancer patients. According to the specialist, “Cannabis-based therapy has many benefits, such as helping to reduce pain and fatigue, and stimulating and restoring appetite lost due to both illness and chemotherapy”.

3. Hawaii’s Department of Health has enacted interim regulations for hemp processors and products

So what has been happening in the United States? The Hawaiian Department of Health has enacted interim regulations for hemp processors and products. As the rules state, the following hemp-derived products are prohibited: 1) hemp products for oral use in tablets, capsules, powders, soft gels, gelatin capsules or in liquid form; 2) foods and drinks that contain CBD and other cannabinoids; 3) e-liquids for vaping; 4) products for smoking, and 5) products that are not administered orally. In addition, products must be tested by a qualified laboratory, and various other regulatory and record-keeping requirements must be complied with.

4. Maryland researchers advise farmers against growing hemp

A research team from the University of Maryland College of Agriculture & Natural Resources has advised farmers to delay growing cannabis, citing the “chicken and egg” nature of the emerging industry, an oversaturated biomass market and the need for further research. Team members noted that cannabis production and research are still in their infancy and may not yet be an economically viable crop for the state’s farmers.

5. FDA reiterates CBD is not a dietary supplement

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reiterated that CBD, in its opinion, should not be sold as a dietary supplement. “Better data in these areas are needed for the FDA and other public health agencies to make informed, science-based decisions that impact public health,” FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn and First Deputy Commissioner Amy Abernathy said in a statement. Earlier this year, the FDA announced that it is planning several research projects to close “gaps in current CBD data”.

6. Beyoncé announces she is building a hemp farm

In other news from the United States, Beyoncé, a famous American singer, songwriter and actress, has announced that she is “building a hemp and honey farm”. In an interview, Beyoncé described how being isolated during lockdown inspired her to move from being overly indulgent to creating positive rituals that build on past generations and giving her own meaning to things.

7. In Peru, a digital platform has been launched to facilitate access to medical cannabis by connecting doctors with patients

Finally, it’s time for Latin America. In Peru, a digital platform that connects doctors with patients to facilitate access to medical cannabis oil has been unveiled. The platform offers two consultation options: a regular doctor’s appointment lasting 25 minutes and a premium appointment (50 minutes). Daniel Garcia, medical director of the platform, said, “With the platform, we tested how medical cannabis can improve the quality of life of patients by optimising key aspects of their well-being, such as sleep, and pain and anxiety management, among others.”

Final thoughts

So we conclude today’s edition of Marry Jane’s Weekly News Digest from different parts of the world. Have a wonderful weekend and take care!

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