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Effects of CBD

How is it different from Δ-9-THC?

The effects of CBD are being further studied. The cannabis plant has been used by humans for thousands of years in medicine for its sedative/hypnotic, antidepressant, analgesic, antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and appetite-stimulating effects. LINK

Medical effect

Possible medicinal use of cbd

To this date, there are many publications on various human conditions in connection with CBD but the research is still in its early days. There are many papers to be found about possible medicinal uses. Try searching Google Scholar for more information. CBD usually doesn’t have any major risks for users. However, side effects are possible, these include tiredness, dizziness, low blood pressure or withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability. LIN

NOTE: None of the Marry Jane products are to be used as a medical treatment.

CBD Production

Highest quality CBD

Our mantra is quality, quality, quality. Maintaining expertise and optimising our production programme for every stage of our process is of paramount importance to us. We oversee the cultivation, cutting, processing and manufacture of the products, ensuring compliance with the highest quality standards.



The history of cannabis dates back to at least the third millennium BC in written history, and possibly further back by archaeological evidence. For millennia, the plant has been valued for its use in fibre and rope, as food and medicine, and for its psychoactive properties for religious and recreational use. LINK

Nowadays, it is strictly regulated worldwide because of the well-known cannabinoid Δ-9-THC and its psychoactive properties. However, the world is becoming increasingly open to the growth of more CBD-rich strains due its high potential to help with various diseases and discomforts in humans. These plants are most often cut and used whole for extraction of all cannabinoids (including CBG, CBN or the “bad” Δ-9-THC), flavonoids or terpenes. The symbiosis of these substances is what creates the desired and potent effects.

Our own flowers

From our own production

All CBD flowers originate from our own production and were grown in Switzerland. The production facility is one of the most modern and sustainable CBD plantations in Switzerland. Experts emphasise that origin and brand quality are decisive criteria in the CBD market.



The plantation

We work with an air-conditioning technology (CO2Grow) that automatically regulates the climate conditions. Temperature and humidity is closely monitored on displays throughout the plant.

The growing rooms

The plants are stored in steel containers in high grade clinical conditions. The room may only be entered with appropriate protective clothing and we adhere to strict hygiene regulations to ensure everything stays germ-free.


Our plant is one of the most modern and sustainable CBD plantations in Switzerland. We are proud to have a photovoltaic system in place on our roofs; on sunny days the plantation is almost exclusively powered by solar. We also keep the potentially high water content low thanks to our sustainable technologies. The evaporated water is collected in huge canisters and then reused.

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