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About us

Who we are

A group of longtime friends and colleagues who originally had a shared appreciation of the beautiful smell and qualities of the CBD flower are founders of Marry Jane. They also had the vision and daring to combine this interest with their enterprise expertise and knowledge of business technology to set up their successful international business in Switzerland.

Origin & Philosophy

Sustainable Production

It began with a few friends and their shared passion for the cannabis flower. Friends with entrepreneurial spirits and a shared enthusiasm for the beneficial qualities of plants, sowed the seed that grew to become Marry Jane today. Marry Jane is rightly proud of their talented and socially conscious workforce. Every member of our international team is committed to our growth and development. We pride ourselves on a business philosophy that promotes equality, sustainability and responsibility. Collectively we all want to be the best we can be and this begins by being laser focused on the quality of the product. From our own experience of including our products into daily lives we know it improves our well being. It’s natural and accessible to all, whatever your lifestyle and can even be classed as vegan.

“What I like about Marry Jane is the everyday diversity of challenges and excitement. The multicultural and supportive atmosphere makes it a beautiful place to work and grow together.”

- Ebru Zenging, sales Manager

“Working for Marry Jane is a big career step forward for me as well as a great teacher for life. I am happy to be part of a company that grows stronger every day!”

- Joanna Erbland, Accounting Manager

Our promise

Quality you can trust

Our ongoing promise is to bring our customers the highest quality CBD. We are passionate about continually improving our product and evolving our processes with new technologies to create new possibilities. We inspire our customers as well as respond to what they want. The Marry Jane mission: “Always improving, always inspiring and always listening to our customers.”

Marry Jane – the Winner

of Solothurn Newcomer Award 2022

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