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Babushka Kush CBD Pre-Roll


✔ 1g of CBD-rich hemp flowers
✔ Less than 0,2% of THC




Babushka Kush CBD Pre-Roll


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Natural indoor grown premium hemp flowers will do its best to help you relax and enjoy the genuine taste of nature. Developed over several years, the perfect flavour of Babushka Kush is already pre-rolled for you for your best experience. Inhale the beauty aroma of creamy and fresh taste with a hint of orange, which is natural and carefully preserved. Perfect amount of CBD is combined with very low THC, so there are no after effects of psycho activity. Babushka Kush joint is a mild answer to ease your mood

Ingredients: 100% dried Cannabis Sativa L. hemp flowers
Weight: The pre-rolled joint contains cca 1.0 g of the finest Marry Jane CBD-rich hemp flowers
Flavour: Creamy, fresh and orange aroma

Marry Jane pre-rolled joints are the easiest way to enjoy the CBD-rich premium hemp flowers made for those who struggle to roll a joint on their own or simply want to take it on the road!

Key Details:
– This product contains less than 0,2% THC and is non-psychoactive
– Premium CBD Hemp Flowers
– 100% Naturally Grown
– 3rd Party Lab Tested
– Indoor Grown
– Non-GMO
– With no harmful pesticides or herbicides
– Cultivated In Switzerland

Recommended usage:
CBD enthusiasts mostly prefer to smoke. It is the fastest way to consume CBD and offers an unmatched experience.