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CBD Catridge MJ Pod


Modern and elegant way of everyday vaping. Cartridge only. THC-free.

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CBD Catridge MJ Pod


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MJ Pod offers a modern and elegant way of everyday vaping. It is handy and noble in design. Its high CBD content together with natural terpenes makes it an unbelievably tasty and easy CBD  intake.
MJ Pod holds the 1st place as „Best Paraphernalia“ and the 2nd place as „Best Inhalable CBD“ from the CBD Awards taken place in Birmingham on February 2019.

The packaging contains 1 or 3 disposable cartridges. Each cartridge contains 0,5 ml of the finest vaping oil of which 50% is CBD. The ceramic evaporator allows the liquid to be ideally heated and one cartridge brings about 180 puffs on average.

– PEG 400,
– Cannabidiol isolate
– Natural terpenes

Why CBD cartridge is easy and useful?
The pod cartridge is filled with the vape juice and once it’s attached to the battery and joined to the vape pen you can start vaping the vape juice. When you attach everything you just need to turn on the vaping pen and it will heat the juice to the point where it vaporizes so you can inhale the vapor.

The Pod Cartridge easily attaches into place and once it does it is basically ready to be used. This is a very convenient way to get the best quality product delivered to your door at the most affordable price.

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