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CBD Extract 50% THC<1%

CHF 35.00

Full Spectrum CBD-enriched extract in a 1ml glass syringe.


The MJ 50% CBD Extract is a carefully developed formula to bring even more CBD in one little drop. The product is free from any artificial additives.

In-house grown hemp plants free from pesticides or herbicides are used for extraction. A gentle extraction process is used to avoid losing any cannabinoids, terpenes or other important parts of the plant.

Ingredients: hemp extract, coconut oil, Cannabidiol isolate, PEG 400 + PEG 1500

High-quality CBD Extract

Our 50% CBD extract is a high-quality full spectrum product. It is packed in a 1ml syringe made of glass. The CBD oil extract is designed in a special way to contain more CBD in a drop. The extract is in its purest form because it does not have any added flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives. Our CBD oil hemp extract is extracted from plants that are growing in-doors far from the reach of herbicides and pesticides. The plants are carefully grown and the extract is vegan friendly. The extraction process is extremely gentle which means that the final product is of the highest quality because it does not lose any of the beneficial compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, and a few more.
Our full plant extract CBD oil contains less than 1% THC which will not get you high and it is legal in Switzerland. It is also available for delivery all over the country.

What Are CBD Extracts?

CBD Extract is an oil that was derived from the hemp plant using precise and careful methods to preserve the benefits of the compounds in the plant such as terpenes and cannabinoids. The extraction process creates a CBD isolate in a very pure form. Once the high isolate CBD is extracted it is preserved in this pure form without adding any colors or flavors.
CBD and CBDa are often the topic of discussion and regularly confused when in fact they are not the same thing. The CBDa is actually an acidic precursor to CBD which means that it is an acid from which the CBD is extracted. The process of extraction is very precise and careful to make sure the quality of the CBD is the best.

How to Use the 50% CBD Extract 1ml?

The preferred way of usage of the extract is on an empty stomach by applying a drop under your tongue. This way the absorption would be the highest and you will feel the effects much quicker. The dose you should take daily varies from person to person. Our hemp CBD isolate is very strong and high quality and it is recommended that you begin using it in smaller doses and increasing the dose gradually till you reach the wanted effects. Our 1ml syringe has a capacity of 10 doses. You should spread out your daily dose throughout the entire day and not take it all at once.