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CBD Drops MCT Regular 30%


✔ Made in Switzerland
✔ MCT oil with CBD, 10ml
✔ CBD content 30%

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CBD Drops MCT Regular 30%


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Volume: 10ml MCT CBD Oil Per Bottle
CBD content: 30%

– Caprylic/Capric
– Triglyceride Oil (MCT)
– Cannabidiol

30% extract of Premium Swiss-grown hemp with low amount of THC is a unique formula, created to take gentle care of any skin type, over several years of exploring. Organic MCT carrier oil is produced from first-class premium CBD flowers, just a few drops to boost up your skin and let natural indoor-grown hemp do its magic to your mental health and the radiance of your skin.

Key details:
– No artificial additives
– Our best-selling MCT CBD Oil
– Approx. 200 drops per bottle (10 ml)
– 10ml bottle with 30% of Premium Swiss-grown hemp extract
– Minimal amount of THC
– Organic MCT carrier oil
– Third-party lab tested
– No harmful pesticides or herbicides

Suggested Use:
After your daily cleaning routine, dispense 2–3 drops of the MJ CBD Drops into the palm of your hand, apply to the skin of your body and gently massage. Allow the product to absorb into your skin and blot o any excess with a tissue.

Store upright in a cool, dark place away from the reach of children and pets.

Certified excellence:
All our products undergo extensive third party laboratory testing to ensure that they are of the highest quality and contain the stated amount of CBD and active ingredients.
—> Certificate of Analysis

Our 30% MCT CBD oils contain the full range of natural cannabinoids. Through a gentle process of extraction, the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes of the hemp plant (cannabis sativa L.) are kept intact, thus retaining all natural cannabinoids. Certified hemp plants are grown organically, meaning that our MCT CBD oil is GMO-free with no harmful pesticides or herbicides. In addition, our oil contains no artificial smells or colourants. All of our MCT drops contain no animal traces.

All of our CBD is produced from organically-sourced, non-GMO hemp from our own high tech indoor facility and undergo regular quality checks.
1) Our carrier oils
CBD is blended with carrier oils to make them easier for the body. We use MCT oil as a carrier oil in our CBD Drops MCT Regular 30%, primarily for its many benefits.
2) CBD
This contains all of the naturally occurring products found in the cannabis plant, including terpenes, essential oils and other cannabinoids. These work together to optimize the effect of the cannabinoids, known as the entourage effect.

Type of product:
Hemp extract:
Full Spectrum
CBD content:
THC content:
Number of drops:
Approx. 200
Made in:


What is CBD?

CBD is a short word for Cannabidiol, which is found as a chemical in the Cannabis sativa plant, also it is often called hemp or cannabis. There are many therapeutic ingredients found in this plant, one of them is a well known THC, that is usually used to ‘get high’. CBD is located in hemp, meaning that trace of THC is relatively little, therefore CBD is oftentimes used to help with some medical conditions, such as pain relief, variety of muscle or digestive disorders and it is not psychoactive.

Will CBD oil affect your medication?

CBD oil will most probably not affect any of your medication. If used locally on your skin, you may want to avoid open or inflamed wounds, overall it is very safe to use and will improve your skin conditions in no time and bring this soothing feeling or relaxation. We recommend that you consult with your doctor about any diet or additions you wish to add.

How do you use Cannabidiol oil?

There are only so many ways to use CBD oil. You can freely add it to any body or a face lotion, as well as after any of your skin care routine or as an independent product. We suggest using it gently after your daily routine after shower, a few drops to massage all over your body to achieve the most desirable result.

Is CBD oil legal in Europe?

CBD oil as well as CBD hemp flower is legal in most parts of Europe, but there are some limitations. Marry Jane’s CBD oil has less than traceable amount of THC, therefore it is considered to be nicotine and THC free, and is safe to use.

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