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Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops THC<1%

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Full spectrum hempseed oil with CBD.


Full spectrum hempseed oil with CBD. No artificial additives

We use original MJ hemp extract of high quality produced in-house. Its scent comes from organic compounds in the plant such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and chlorophyll.

Ingredients: hempseed oil, hemp extract, vitamin E

Premium quality vegan full spectrum CBD oil

The use of full spectrum CBD oil is steadily becoming more rampant in Switzerland. Marry Jane grows CBD plants in an organic environment and extracts oil in a safe and hygienic procedure. Full spectrum CBD oil and natural CBD hemp oil are available at the best prices. The oils have a THC concentration of less than 1%, which is in line with the legal limits in Switzerland. Marry Jane’s CBD oils aim to deliver a useful experience in the use of a potent and natural product. Our priority is the maintenance of purity to offer a safe, enjoyable, and efficient product.

Hemp seed oil is the source of full spectrum drops. We use only original hemp extracts of high quality produced in-house under strict conditions. The flavor and scent of our oils come from organic compounds in plants, such as terpenes and cannabinoids.

The flavor is strong and increases with a higher concentration of CBD oil. The hemp oil is purely vegan. The CBD oil is free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors. It has a delicious natural nutty taste that reminds one of the walnut seeds.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500 mg

This natural product is classic in its quality and organic development. It is the recommended strength if you need to relax but do not get high. The CBD Oil 500 mg contains 1.1 mg of CBD per drop, which may work for both mild pain relief and tackling anxiety. Despite the low strength, it is a great relaxant. Marry Jane’s CBD Oil 500 mg has a slight nutty aftertaste. For example, if a required dose is 10 mg/24 h, one drop (1.1 mg) should be taken about nine times a day. The quantity can be gradually adjusted based on the effect.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000 mg

One drop of MJ’s CBD oil 1000 mg contains 2.2 mg of CBD. This 10% natural CBD tincture is a quality vegan product for those who love the nutty flavor. This CBD oil strength is popular in many stores, although Marry Jane’s tinctures stand out because of their natural nutty flavor. CBD oils and tinctures are natural products with no preservatives. Oils are produced under conditions that meet the legal requirements in Switzerland.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1500 mg

3.3 mg CBD oil 15% is what you get from a drop of this oil strength. The oil is extracted from organically grown hemp. The nutty flavor is relatively prominent. It delivers a burst of natural goodness to your mouth with the possible provision of a clear mind and focus. This vegan product is potent and relaxing in its way. As the CBD industry is getting bigger, many products have surfaced, and consumers are often left unsure of the right pick. We provide oil that is organic from the growth of the plant to the process of extraction. Marry Jane offers potent and pure oil. This oil should be used in small doses due to its high strength. The doses can be increased to meet the desired effect.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2000 mg

This is a relatively high amount of CBD in one bottle. Each drop of this 20% oil contains 4.4 mg of CBD. The CBD Oil 2000 mg can promote mental, physical and spiritual calm. We produce this CBD oil in the best environment to deliver clean and high-quality vegan products. The hemp oil is created with all the natural goodness of the hemp plant; it is potent but has no preservatives.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2500 mg

The CBD Oil 2500 mg packs 5.5 mg of CBD per drop. This is a high concentration, which has a powerful nutty flavor. This CBD oil strength is not a common sight in stores, but MJ provides it to meet the customer demand. It is a healthy, vegan oil available across Switzerland. Despite the high strength of the CBD oil, the THC concentration is still less than 1%. 25% of CBD oil strength is made for customers who buy high-intensity oils. It is uniquely crafted to provide an intense-high and a potent sedative effect.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 3000 mg

At Marry Jane, we aim to satisfy our customers hence meeting all of their needs, including extremely high CBD oil strength. Irrespective of this uniquely high CBD dosage, it is entirely natural with THC concentration below 1%.
Some users may confuse the strength of CBD oil with its purity. We label our product bottles correctly to avoid any confusion. This empowers the consumers in making an informed decision. The 30% CBD strength is pure, natural, and highly potent oil.


The approved dose is 10–30 mg, twice a day. It is an average dosage, however several other factors play a significant role in determining the optimal dose: a person’s age, weight, diet, genetics, and environment. The product’s consistency is another crucial factor. Since the dosage may vary from person to person, the best way to start is by taking smaller doses and increasing them gradually until you feel the desired effect.