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Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops

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Full Spectrum hempseed oil based CBD drops. Max. 0.2% THC. 10ml


Full Spectrum MJ Drops are hempseed oil based. We use original MJ hemp extract of high quality produced in-house. Its scent and flavour come from organic compounds in the plant, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and chlorophyll.
The taste can be described as nutty reminding of walnuts or sunflower seeds. The hemp flavour is noticeable and will grow stronger with the amount of CBD.
The product is free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives and is vegan.
Ingredients: hempseed oil, hemp extract, vitamin E

Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Sale

To experience CBD oil’s potency in its most natural and undiluted form, Marry Jane is a one-stop store covering all customer requirements. We’ve developed a culture of preserving the purity of our oils to make them safe, enjoyable, and efficient. The product is best used under the tongue for fast absorption. If you are a lover of natural flavor and organic products, CBD oils are customized for your taste and needs.
Full spectrum CBD drops are hemp seed oil based. We use the original hemp extract of high quality produced in-house under the approved conditions. Its scent and flavor come from organic compounds in the plant, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and chlorophyll.
It has a naturally nutty taste, which brings walnuts, or sunflower seeds to mind. The flavor is strong and will be more prominent with the increasing strength of the CBD. The hemp is purely vegan, free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.
CBD oil has gained wide recognition in the European market. At Marry Jane, we are committed to offering premium CBD oil with a THC level is less than 0.2%, which corresponds to the legal limits of European law. The best part of getting a pure, wide range of vegan CBD oils and tinctures is the availability of delivery services across Europe. Wherever you are, our oils have got you covered any day.

CBD Oil drops 500 mg

Marry Jane’s 5% oil contains 1.1 mg of CBD per drop. This natural oil has a light nutty taste. It is recommended for those who want to experience all the CBD oil effects without a strong hemp flavor. Despite the low CBD strength of the 500 mg oil, it provides a very calming sensation. This natural product is unique for its quality and organic development. It may be taken once or twice a day under the tongue. The studies have shown that 500 mg CBD oil can be effective in treating anxiety and pain.

CBD Oil drops 1000 mg

Our natural CBD tincture 10% will suit those who want to experience the nutty flavor of this hemp. It is a quality natural product with no preservatives. One drop contains 2.2 mg of CBD. At Marry Jane, you are guaranteed to get oil produced in a standard environment that meets tмhe legal conditions in Europe. These are commonly seen in stores, but what differentiates our products is the natural essence they come with. They also can be very good for pain relief and relaxation. One drop per day is enough to provide the desired result.

CBD Oil drops 1500 mg

A drop of CBD oil 15% contains 3.3 mg of CBD. This vegan product used sublingually can ensure relaxation and prove its quality. The tincture is extracted from naturally grown hemp. It has a fairly strong nutty taste. There are no artificial tastes or flavors. The tincture brings the best of nature while allowing for clear-mindedness and focus. As the CBD industry is expanding, there are many products out there, and customers may ofcalten be confused about what to go for. We provide oil that has been organically prepared from the plant growth to the extraction process. The CBD tincture is pure and as potent as you could ever get.

CBD Oil drops 2000 mg

Marry Jane’s CBD oil 20% contains 4.4 mg of CBD per drop. We exclusively produce this premium oil in the best environment to deliver clean and high-quality vegan CBD oil. This 2000 mg CBD oil with no additives or preservatives. The hemp oil is produced with all the natural goodness available in the plant.

CBD Oil drops 2500 mg

CBD oil 2500 mg has about 5.5 mg of CBD per drop, which is a considerably high amount in one packing. It is pure oil with natural flavors that is available all over Europe. The THC level of this 20% CBD oil is less than 0.2%. This high strength full spectrum CBD oil is a great amount of potency packed with a demand for high-intensity CBD. This is specially designed for customers with high requirements who want to get a stronger hemp flavor and CBD effect.

Strength CBD Oil 3000 mg

Finding hemp products is fairly easy these days, but a 3000 mg oil strength is rare in the European market. At the Marry Jane CBD online shop, we revolve around customer satisfaction. This encompasses meeting the needs of those who look for a CBD product of higher strength. This CBD oil is fully natural, with no artificial flavor. Some users confuse the strength of oil with its purity. We label products properly to avoid such confusion and enable our customers to make informed decisions.


The regular dose is 10–30 mg to be taken twice per day. This dosage is a product of extensive analysis of different oils. Since it may vary from person to person, the best way to start is by taking smaller doses and increasing them gradually until you feel the desired effect. Remember that your weight might as well play a key role in determining the dosage. Other variables like diet, genetics, environment, and product consistency should also be taken into account. Finally, ensure to take your daily dose throughout the day instead of all at once.