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Full Spectrum CBD Drops


✔️ Hempseed oil with CBD, 10ml
✔️ Minimal amount of THC
✔️ CBD content 5% – 30%

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Full Spectrum CBD Drops


MJ CBD Drops Regular 5-30% are hempseed oil based. We use original MJ hemp extract of high quality produced in-house. Its scent come from organic compounds in the plant, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and chlorophyll.
The smell can be described as nutty reminding of walnuts or sunflower seeds. The hemp scent is strong and will be more prominent with the increasing strength of the CBD. The hemp is free from artificial colours and scents.

Ingredients: hempseed oil, hemp extract, vitamin E

Premium CBD Oil For Sale

Marry Jane grows CBD plants in an organic environment and extracts oil in a safe and hygienic procedure. If you are a lover of natural scent, CBD oils are customized for your needs.  Marry Jane is a one-stop store covering all customer requirements. Our priority is the maintenance of the purity to the product.

MJ’s CBD drops are available in the following concentrations:

1) CBD Oil 5 %

2) CBD Oil 10 %

3) CBD Oil 15 %

4) CBD Oil 20 %

5) CBD Oil 30 %

You are guaranteed to get oil produced in a standard environment that meets the legal conditions in Europe. At the Marry Jane CBD online shop, we revolve around customer satisfaction. This encompasses meeting the needs of those who look for a CBD product of higher strength. Some users confuse the strength of oil with its purity. We label products properly to avoid such confusion and enable our customers to make informed decisions.

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