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Jack’s Haze CBD Flowers

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✔ 2g and 4g
✔ Less than 1,0% of THC

Package size: 4g, 2g
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Jack’s Haze CBD Flowers


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Ingredients: 100% dried Cannabis Sativa L. hemp flowers
Weight: 2g and 4g
Flavour: Musky with sweet undertones

Marry Jane Jack’s Haze flowers are CBD-rich premium hemp buds grown in our own high tech indoor facility in Switzerland. 

Key Details:
– This product contains less than 1,0% THC and is non-psychoactive
– Premium CBD Hemp Flowers
– 100% Naturally Grown
– 3rd Party Lab Tested
– Indoor Grown
– Non-GMO
– With no harmful pesticides or herbicides
– Cultivated In Switzerland

Recommended usage:
CBD enthusiasts mostly prefer to smoke. It is the fastest way to consume CBD and offers an unmatched experience. Vaping is another preferred method for the consumption of CBD flowers.

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