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CBD Vape Pen Battery Kit


Modern and elegant way of everyday vaping.

Cartridge sold separately.

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CBD Vape Pen Battery Kit


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Suitable and convenient for daily pleasure of vaping, modernd and elegant vaping pen with 1 rechargeable battery and USB charging cable. Beautiful design and mobility of carrying the device around for your best comfort. Easy access to a relaxing process of vaping, just add your favourite flavour and enjoy the puffing whenever you feel like it.

MJ Pod holds the 1st place as „Best Paraphernalia“ and the 2nd place as „Best Inhalable CBD“ from the CBD Awards taken place in Birmingham on February 2019.

The kit contains 1 rechargeable battery and USB charging cable. The CBD disposable cartridge is sold separately.

What is the Pod Battery Kit?
This Pod Battery Kit comes in a modern and elegant design and is easy to carry everywhere due to its array of accessories. Whether you are looking for a CBD vape kit within an affordable price range or a top-notch CBD e-cigarette for catering to your vaping needs, this product may be the best choice for you.

Our CBD Pens are perfect for consuming CBD oils regularly. They are made with a high amount of CBD content and natural terpenes. Such a combination makes it a flavorful and easily inhalable CBD intake.

For prolonged use with utter convenience, the kit includes a USB charging cable with 1 rechargeable battery. This MJ Pod Battery Kit is considered one of the best kits for consuming CBD.

In March 2019, at the Hemp & CBD Awards in Birmingham (United Kingdom), this CBD vape pen won the 1st place award of being “Best Paraphernalia” and also took 2nd place for being the “Best Inhalable CBD”. Besides its smart design, the kit’s CBD hemp oil pen has a heating capacity to be matched with terpenes and cannabinoids, as a result, the user gets a whole new vibe of vaping experience. It comes with a CBD cartridge that is sold separately. Overall, the vape pod has all the smart and significant features to make the vaping experience more fun and exciting.

This particular vape pen is superior to the others because it is super compact. Also, its USB charger increases mobility. No matter where you go, you can easily recharge the kit for a cozy CBD vaping experience with your friends.

What About Vaping?
Most people think that vaping is entirely fruitless, but instead of adding addictive substances, non-addictive flavoring liquid in this CBD vape pen can be beneficial. Varieties of cannabinoids with CBD are an excellent choice for vaporized inhalation.

Studies have shown that inhalation of a minimal amount of CBD with this hemp oil vape pen can bring positive changes in the mood, such as promoting alertness, providing relaxation, reducing stress, and more. If CBD vape is taken more than the “natural” amount then it can result in sleepiness and drowsiness.

The CBD dosage depends on the goals; different goals require different amounts of CBD. It also depends on someone’s metabolism, weight, and tolerance level.

A typical CBD vape kit is usually used with 100mg CBD, which contains 1-2 mg per puff, but in our unique CBD vaping device, the amount is slightly higher. So, the best decision would be to take 1-2mg of CBD at first, then take the next puff not earlier than 6 hours. You can increase the dosage each time according to your tolerance capability.
The regular CBD users take 10-30mg in 24 hours, but users who are suffering from severe pain can take 150-100mg in 24 hours.

When is it Better to Stop Vaping?
It is rare to face any side effects from inhalation of CBD but if someone feels over-euphoric, extreme hunger, and suffers from red-eye symptoms, it is better to stop taking CBD and start the process again gradually. As THC free CBD oil does not get someone high, so it is considered one of the safest vaping liquids in the world.

This CBD vape kit is available for sale legally in all of Europe and can be delivered in different sizes and price ranges as per your requirements.


o CBD cartridges come with a battery?

Our vaping pen comes in a kit that includes USB charging cable with 1 rechargeable battery. Therefore it is suitable for prolonged use with utter convenience, for you to be able to take just the right amount of CBD for your own personal needs.

How much CBD should I vape?

The amount of CBD that you should ingest is always depending solely on you and your goals, since each goal requires a different amount of CBD. If you just started vaping, it is recommended to take 1 puff every 6 hours or so. You can always increase inhaled dosage based on your personal feelings. To help reduce severe pain it may be a higher dose.

How does CBD vape make you feel?

Vaping is one of the fastest ways to deliver CBD straight into your bloodstream, meaning that effect will take place in practically no time. You will experience a feeling of immediate relaxation and some may call it euphoria. Overall you will feel anxiety fading; sleeping schedule will improve with time and other nice therapeutic effects.

How much cannabinoids and terpenes are in CBD vape carts?

Our CBD vape carts are usually used with slightly over 100mg of CBD, meanwhile it solely depends on strain terpenes and is around 0,2% overall. Therefore in one puff you get 1-2 mg of CBD in your bloodstream, providing a mild relaxing feeling and soft effect.

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