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CBD Cosmetics

CBD beauty products are relatively new but very effective when it comes to treating psoriasis and acne. CBD cosmetics and care products are easy to use and may create a layer that protects your skin while increasing and bettering the absorption in the body.

Why use CBD Cosmetics and Topicals?

Our cosmetics are made with natural high-quality and vegan-friendly ingredients. According to studies, when applied to your skin they may offer protection, improve hydration, and moisturize your skin to keep it in a perfect healthy balance. The CBD skin treatment products that we offer are legal everywhere in Europe and we have a delivery service that will get them to your doorstep.

Marry Jane's Cosmetics:

  • CBD Face Mask is a mask that contains CBD oil that can comfort, nourish, and soothe your skin. CBD is known for its ability to support health and wellness so it's only natural to use it for improving the health of your skin. The mask is extremely easy to use. Its production meets all sanitary standards. The mask is made out of organic cellulose. It is a single-use mask that needs to be applied to the face and kept for at least 10 minutes. Once you remove the mask, start massaging your face gently so whatever is left of the ingredients get absorbed by your skin.
  • CBD Hand Cream is a perfect blend that provides immense protection for your hands while at the same time moisturizes your skin. The great antioxidant properties of the cream are the ones protecting your skin while the shea butter helps with the moisturizing. Use of our CBD Hand Cream isn’t different from regular hand creams. All you need to do is apply some of it to your palms and rub it evenly across both hands.
  • CBD Face Cream has a light texture and gets absorbed very fast. The cream has natural and pure ingredients such as Glucomannan that improves the health of your skin while the CBD provides antioxidant properties that may improve protection. The CBD Face Cream is very easy to use. It is supposed to be applied after you have cleansed your face in the morning and evening. It should be applied evenly while massaging your face to ensure maximum absorption.
  • CBD Face Serum is a product that contains CBD which was extracted from the hemp plant. The CBD in serum is full spectrum which means that your skin will be able to enjoy all the benefits that come with CBD such as great antioxidant properties that protect the skin. The serum is also a great moisturizer because of the hyaluronic acid and it makes your skin look radiant. It is extremely easy to use. It should be applied to the face in the morning and evening once the face is cleaned up. You can also apply the serum to your neck and décolleté. Once you are done with the serum, apply the CBD Face Cream for maximum results.