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From flower to sensation.
Powered by a pioneering spirit, our mission is to redefine how cannabis is viewed and provide a quality cannabis and CBD oils experience for people across the world. Our success will be determined by the calibre of our people and the relationship with our customers.

Premium quality of CBD Oil

Our commitment to you

High quality CBD flowers leading to high quality CBD Oil is our absolute priority. We focus on excellence at each stage of manufacture and production and we don’t use pesticides or herbicides. Our intent is to continually improve on quality throughout the manufacturing process, working to the globally recognised ISO 9001 worldwide QMS standards but also focused on continually raising these standards.

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Marry Jane

Company values

At Marry Jane, we aspire to be more than just suppliers of fine product to our customers. We see our role as being co-participants in the celebration of this culture.
And in addition to being valued for bringing finely crafted cannabis products to the table, we seek to invigorate our customers, elevating their wellbeing and joy. To that end, these values have become the cornerstones of our success.

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High grade CBD Oils

Smooth, even with an elegant fluidity. Once you experience the quality you will be unwavering in your loyalty.

High grade CBD flowers

What you notice straight away is how great our CBD flowers feel in your hand. They delicately assault your senses from palm to nose.

Trusted brand

Not forgetting our associated lifestyle brand. Offering you stylish goods and clothing you can rely on.


Modern and sustainable

All CBD hemp come from our own production and were bred in Switzerland. Our plant is one of the most modern and sustainable CBD plantations in Switzerland. Sodium high-pressure lamps hang at regular intervals and irradiate our CBD plants. The plants are stored in stainless steel containers in a clinical room with aluminium walls. The room may only be entered with appropriate protective clothing.

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Our commitment to you

Maintaining expertise and optimising our production programme for every stage of our process is of paramount importance to us. We oversee the cultivation, cutting, processing and manufacture of the products, ensuring compliance with the highest quality standards.

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We produce the highest quality CBD cannabis and CBD oil for distributors throughout Europe. We readily face the increasing demands of the rapidly developing cannabinoid market with enthusiasm and professionalism.
Customers who visit our stores can enjoy the product up close. Hold product in your hand, appreciate how it looks before you buy plus our informed and passionate staff can answer any questions you have.


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