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CBD Flowers

CBD flowers, which also refer to hemp bud, are cannabis compounds with a low amount of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol (usually less than 0.2%), yet rich in CBD. Unlike marijuana with low CBD and high THC, CBD flower has high CBD and low THC. Because of the THC level, marijuana is not legal in many countries including Europe, but on the other hand, CBD is legal because of its low THC level.

A CBD flower is a dried and cured flower of mature Cannabis sativa plants that contain less than 0.3% THC. These strains are composed of 14-19% CBD are considered to be very potent. Other cannabinoids can contribute to making up 17-24% of the strain to be considered highly potent. The more potent a strain is, the less you have to inhale to get the possible benefits.

One of the best properties of CBD is the potential to relieve pain. Many people consume it to relieve stress and anxiety as well. In terms of bioavailability, CBD hemp flower is the frontrunner in comparison with extracts and topical CBD products.

CBD Flowers have been used in possible improving the condition of cancer patients, presumptive decreasing sugar intake and cholesterol levels in diabetic patients, and even used to potentially alleviate pain caused by arthritis and joint pains.

The most common way for ingesting flowers is in pre-rolls that look just like joints. You can take these pre-rolls with you and enjoy the potential benefits of inhaled CBD conveniently on the go.

What is CBD Flower?

CBD flowers, which also refer to the hemp buds, are cannabis compounds with a low amount of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol (usually less than 0.2%), yet rich in CBD. In a real sense, CBD flowers contain some THC, but the presence of CBD tends to reduce its effect drastically to eliminate the psychoactive effect.

Values of CBD flower

According to the studies, amongst the numerous benefits of CBD flowers arereduction of sugar level; promotion of bone growth, relief of pain and anxiety.

Marry Jane's CBD Hemp Strains:

  • Marry Jane's Strawberry premium CBD flower with a negligible amount of THC and a high percentage of CBD. Available in 2g and 5g options – 18% CBD and 0.1% THC. Our products are made through the best and approved processes and we ensure they meet European and other international standards of low THC to give our customers only high quality experience.

  • Original blueberry CBD hemp flower from Marry Jane. Have a taste of Marry Jane’s premium CBD-rich hemp buds in pure blueberry flavor. This product is made from in-house hemp flowers with 20% CBD to give you a relaxing and energetic effect. All Marry Jane’s hemp flower products comply with the European regulatory standard of < 0.2% THC and available in 2g and 5g.

  • The best White widow CBD weed cannabis with 0.1% THC and 18% CBD. White widow hemp flower with no psychoactive THC. The finest genetics of CBD weed cannabis flower, introduced in the 90s and has since become consumers' favorite. Marry Jane's 2g and 5g White window is enriched with 18% CBD and 0.1% THC.

  • Marry Jane’s Super Silver Haze CBD strain with 22% CBD and 0.1% THC. CBD flower bud with no psychoactive effect. Of all THC free strains of hemp flowers, Marry Jane's Super Silver Haze has become the consumer’s favorite. As the name suggests, this product is super-rich in pure CBD (22%) and relatively low in THC (0.1%), all in 2g and 5g options. Made from 100% natural hemp flowers, our products come with a pure citrus smell and are legalized in Europe and beyond.

  • Marry Jane’s Orange Bud from natural CBD weed cannabis flower is enriched with 19% CBD and 0.1% THC. Potent Marry Jane’s 2g and 5g Orange Buds are made from the finest of in-house CBD flower buds to provide you with the relaxing and healing effect. This unique product comes in a citrus tone of ripe orange and nectarine. With 19% CBD and 0.1% THC, our Orange Bud complies with European and US regulatory standards.

  • Buddha Cheese is made for a cheesy, earthy, and fruity taste of natural hemp flowers. Marry Jane Buddha Cheese with 23% CBD and 0.1% THC. It came into the limelight in the early 2000s and gained its popularity. With all CBD health benefits mentioned in the studies, you may get a potent kick-back effect and skunky-cheese aroma from this famous CBD strain. To meet European and other international standards, we ensure the THC level of our products is kept well below 0.2%, thereby raising the CBD level to 23% — available in 2g and 5g.